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Do a about Sex education in BC curriculum But, only need parents view and how they can be involved in sex education - Research Paper Example

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It is better instead of the children learning it elsewhere where they will not be properly guided according to the morals and principles that the parents want them to follow (WebMD Medical…
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Do a research about Sex education in BC curriculum But, only need parents view and how they can be involved in sex education
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Extract of sample "Do a about Sex education in BC curriculum But, only need parents view and how they can be involved in sex education"

Sex Education in BC Curriculum Sex Education in BC Curriculum Parents can be involved in sex education through several ways:
Parents should talk to their children about sex education once they become aware of sexual behaviors during their adolescence (Medindia Health Network, 2011).
Parents may ask the help of medical practitioners if they feel uncomfortable discussing sex with their children (Medindia Health Network, 2011).
Parents must make sure that their facts are right because they children look up to them for the right knowledge (Medindia Health Network, 2011).
Discussing sex openly with the children enables parents to provide accurate information. It is better instead of the children learning it elsewhere where they will not be properly guided according to the morals and principles that the parents want them to follow (WebMD Medical Reference, 2011).
Parents must help their children understand the possible consequences of being sexually active -- including pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, including that of becoming emotionally hurt (WebMD Medical Reference, 2011).
Questions about sex vary depending on the age of the child. Below are some of the most common questions raised by children to their parents about sex:
How are babies made?
Where does the baby come out?
Why am I different from my sister/brother?
When am I ready to have sex?
What does having sex mean?
How does the sperm and egg get together?
What is masturbation?
What is orgasm?
What is safe sex?
What is oral sex?
Listed hereunder are some of the steps that parents can follow in handling questions raised by their children about sex:
According to the Nemours Foundation, parents should realize that talking about sex to their children is not a one-time session; it is an unfolding process where the kids learn over time what they need to know (2011). The stated further that “questions should be answered as they arise so that kids natural curiosity is satisfied as they mature” (The Nemours Foundation, 2011).
Parents can use books that approach sexuality on a developmentally appropriate level (The Nemours Foundation, 2011).
Parents should not be ashamed to admit to their teen children that talking about sex is difficult for them. Having a sense of humor can help (American Medical Association, 2001).
Aside from books, parents can also use TV, movies, articles and real life situations to start discussing about sex (American Medical Association, 2001).
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