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Harry Wong Article - Essay Example

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Harry Wong, in the article, ‘The Effective Teacher’ lays down a few essential points and guidelines that he encourages teachers to adapt, in order to carry out their job in the most efficient manner and to conduct education in the most healthy environment possible. Through…
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Harry Wong Article
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Extract of sample "Harry Wong Article"

Education 12 July Harry Wong Article Harry Wong, in the article, ‘The Effective Teacher’ lays down a few essential points and guidelines that he encourages teachers to adapt, in order to carry out their job in the most efficient manner and to conduct education in the most healthy environment possible. Through his brilliant construction of the article, Harry Wong lays down such guidelines that are easy to follow for the teacher and that can help him/her to maintain a healthy learning environment in a classroom, while also ensuring successful imparting as well as gaining of knowledge from the teacher and the student’s side respectively.
Harry Wong emphasizes upon the importance of creating a good first impression and therefore stresses on even the minor aspects of the first day, starting from the dress to the delivering of a lecture. According to Harry Wong, it is the teacher’s attitude that determines the level and quality of response received from the students. He states that, ‘Students tend to learn as little or as much as their teachers expect.’ Provided that the teacher has an encouraging and positive attitude, the students too will portray their best. It is therefore important, not to expect too little nor too much from them. However, at the same time, it is in the first class that she can create a proper class environment, laying down certain expectations that will be expected of them. He states that the three most essential things that must be laid down clearly and established in the first week are discipline, procedure and routine, and these must not only show in attitude but also in her lecture and in her style of conducting the class.
Harry Wong also stresses upon the necessity of the teacher familiarizing with the students from the very beginning; addressing them by their names and encouraging them to be more open with their ideas rather than to remain shy and hesitant. It is only with the proper attitude of the teacher that the student will be encouraged to open up.
Moreover, to ensure maximum student output, the teacher must design her lesson in a manner that will demand the maximum response from the student rather than increased input from the teacher. Multiple activities should be carried out in class that will give the teacher an overall impression of what the student understands from his/her lectures. Moreover, tests should also be frequently taken to ensure higher achievement.
One of the most important guidelines laid down by Harry Wong is that the teacher must exercise a self-enhancing behavior rather than a self-defeating one. Instead of approaching the work environment and the students with a negative perception, a teacher must face it with an open and positive perspective. The teacher must make himself/herself a part of the team and learn to work together, rather than separating himself/herself from fellow colleagues. In connection with this, Harry Wong also states that a teacher must learn to accept his/her mistakes. He states that only with an open-mind and a willingness to learn in the process of teaching can the teacher ensure effective learning.
In the end, Harry Wong concludes with his final statements that every teacher must approach her class with an open mind and be an effective role-model for his/her students. He/she must gauge the competency of the class and choose the most effective way to impart her lessons. Finally he encourages them that only with taking risks can one achieve accomplishment so one must exercise trial and error and with time and the proper attitude the teacher will learn to be an effective and successful teacher. Read More
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