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The current world is bombarded with international and global issues, such as terrorism and world peace, international alliances and the global economy. The twentieth century saw the increase in the interconnections of the different countries, something that is important in different issues, whether peace, health or economy. …
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The International Studies
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"The International Studies"

The International Studies

My own interest in such a broad and majestic idea of studying the different social, economic and political processes that transpire within and between international communities is driven by my desire to know what is on the other side of my country, or better yet, what is on the other border. Because of the vast information from just a click in the internet, I become more and more fascinated on how international communities work for and against each other’s own agendas and plans. The worldwide web connected the different points of the world with just a click, with just an entry in the tube, and this captured my attention, how it relates international and global interaction, something that is now taken for granted because the international network has been a part of the household already. In fact, it already took the position of the television, which it held for generations.

I have encountered different people of different nationalities. I have read articles about the different issues that bombard the world today. I have watched the handshakes between different political figures from different governments. This made me wonder how this binds and separates the nations. I am interested in the international developments, the patterns of human migration and how one country’s decision over an international issue affects the position of another. Basically, I am fascinated with the dealings of human beings. Read More
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