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The International Studies - Personal Statement Example

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The current world is bombarded with international and global issues, such as terrorism and world peace, international alliances and the global economy. The twentieth century saw the increase in the interconnections of the different countries, something that is important in different issues, whether peace, health or economy. …
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The International Studies
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Extract of sample "The International Studies"

The current world is bombarded with international and global issues, such as terrorism and world peace, international alliances and the global economy. The twentieth century saw the increase in the interconnections of the different countries, something that is important in different issues, whether peace, health or economy. With this, the international studies was born and developed. Although it is related to international relations, international or global studies has a wider coverage of interest. It does not merely focus on the aspect of international relations rather it seeks to identify and understand the different processes and functions that circulate within the international community, how it affects each country.
My own interest in such a broad and majestic idea of studying the different social, economic and political processes that transpire within and between international communities is driven by my desire to know what is on the other side of my country, or better yet, what is on the other border. Because of the vast information from just a click in the internet, I become more and more fascinated on how international communities work for and against each other’s own agendas and plans. The worldwide web connected the different points of the world with just a click, with just an entry in the tube, and this captured my attention, how it relates international and global interaction, something that is now taken for granted because the international network has been a part of the household already. In fact, it already took the position of the television, which it held for generations.
I have encountered different people of different nationalities. I have read articles about the different issues that bombard the world today. I have watched the handshakes between different political figures from different governments. This made me wonder how this binds and separates the nations. I am interested in the international developments, the patterns of human migration and how one country’s decision over an international issue affects the position of another. Basically, I am fascinated with the dealings of human beings. And that made me think of majoring in international studies. Another major, though, that is not far from my mind is sociology, by which it would allow me to understand human interaction and social processes that governs different communities.
My exposure to different people through my work as a server in a sushi restaurant allowed me to see fascinating social processes. Food is one thing that ties together different nationalities. Sushi is not something local for other nations, but these foreigners flock on sushi restaurants to fill their stomachs with food that is most popular in the Eastern Asia. This made me realize that there are things that can connect people, not just within the country. It made me think how one simple taste, one simple gesture can become an international issue, whether it is something positive or negative.
I do not merely wish to undertake a study that is beneficial for my own purposes, I want to do something for the world I live in. And for me, this would be my contribution, as I seek to understand and develop not just international relations but also international processes.
One thing that I am proud of myself is capacity to sympathize and empathize with people around me. It allows me to understand not only the situation but also the person experiencing a certain situation. It makes me adapt to their needs and wants and allows me to adjust on specific occasions. I believe this is important in being able to build relationships, as it helps build trust between people.
Sympathizing and empathizing are two different things. And I am proud to say that I have both. Most people can only sympathize but not empathize. Sympathizing is understanding how a person feels but empathizing goes deeper than that, it makes you feel and it makes you relate to the experience of the person. It allows you to experience being in the shoes of the other person. This allows me to connect and build relationships, as the other person sees the sincerity in my thoughts and actions of sympathy and empathy. I do not just understand or care, I feel what they feel and I strive to do something that would ease their burden as I work to ease my own burden over the same issues or conflicts.
With this qualities, I am able to build the trust between me and the people around me. It makes me vulnerable yet strong since I am able to see and feel other people’s experiences. I believe that is what can make strong relationships. And this is what I believe I have, strong relationships with people I care about. Although there are certain situations in which I cannot have a personal relationship with the people I am empathizing for, for example, those strangers that I see in the corner of the street attempting to find a job to feed their family, I find a strong personal relation to the situation. I would not want to make myself empty and useless for my family, and so these situations allow me to look deep into myself and find what it is inside of me that can make a difference for myself, and for other people.
With so many things happening at once in our world, I find it sometimes worrisome how people seem to isolate themselves, when in fact one’s persons issue can affect a lot of people around him. With sympathy and empathy, I am able to understand that some things are needed to be shared with another person, and so this unburdens the needs of both persons. Unburdening the one with the problem and dealing with his need to be understood and unburdening the one which can relate to the problem by dealing with his need to understand and feel. This connects people, and in fact this helps me in my dealings with different people from all walks of life. It makes me strong as it allows me to understand what’s going on and allows me to feel the emotions the other person is feeling, and with this it allows me to gain strength in facing whatever it is that comes my way. It is true, there will always be someone greater or lesser than you are. Read More
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