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Private Schools for ethnic minorities in Alberta, Canada - Essay Example

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The writer of this essay examines various resources, academic books, research articles, the Internet, and scholarly journals both in print and web based, to arrive in a logical conclusion, and take a stand to answer the question: Should private schools for ethnic minorities in Alberta, Canada be publicly funded?…
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Private Schools for ethnic minorities in Alberta, Canada
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Extract of sample "Private Schools for ethnic minorities in Alberta, Canada"

Download file to see previous pages The state can create a community that would be a single ‘cultural ghoulash’; or it can also create separate units/ghettoes for each ethnic group that would later be coerced to form a political unity. Thus, it would be “melting down the citizenry into a nation of “Americans” or “Canadians,” people who will largely share nationally defining characteristics and attributes, and, on the other hand, balkanizing them into officially structured units within the state, each with their own defining characteristics, attributes, and values”( Dickinson & Dolmage, 364). However one has to keep in mind that modern society does not function on such simple guidelines. It is not possible to bulldoze all the members and mould them into one cultural frame; and this is very apparent in the numerous leaks that have appeared in the so called ‘American cultural melting pot’; nor does ‘balkanization’ work, as we see in the failure of the former state of Yugoslavia.
The ethnic groups in Canada fall broadly under a category of the population as those citizens who are not English or French in their origin and also not a member of the native Canadians. Young in his article speaks of 4 ways in which such a diverse and ethnic cultural racial group, can coexist peacefully within a social order. First, these groups can ‘assimilate’ and become a part of the host country’s culture, in this, they will have to forsake their own cultural origins. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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