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Bachelors Degree in Biology - Admission/Application Essay Example

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In the essay “Bachelors Degree in Biology” the author describes his greatest hope to become enrolled with George Washington University to work towards achieving his greatest goal of obtaining a bachelors degree in Biology. Recently, he obtained an associate’s degree in science…
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Bachelors Degree in Biology
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Extract of sample "Bachelors Degree in Biology"

It is my greatest hope to become enrolled with George Washington to work towards achieving my greatest goal of obtaining a bachelors degree in Biology. I strongly believe that the rich tradition and high quality of education this school has to offer will provide me with the opportunities and education necessary to help move forward in my education and ultimately prepare me for a rich career in Biology. Recently, I obtained an associate’s degree in science from Northern Virginia Community College. This was an excellent fit for me at the time because it provided a quality education that was close to home. However, I understand the value of a good education and know that in order for me to achieve the career and educational goals I have set for myself, I must find an institution like George Washington University that can prepare me for the future.
One of my favorite aspects of Biology is spending time in the lab performing scientific research and communicating results in a formal academic manner. Biology is a passion in my life and I surround myself with as much information as I possibly can to attain a greater understanding of the field. I believe that this trait will be encouraged and further developed through my time at George Washington University. The research laboratories are some of the finest resources available for conducting scientific experiments and research. Furthermore, the professors provide a strong curriculum of courses that are meant to build upon our knowledge and test our abilities as young scientists to think outside the box while using time-tested research techniques. Furthermore, the people associated with George Washington University are committed to academic and personal success which will help me to strive further in my education and gain an even deeper appreciation for the field. There is no doubt in my mind that this is the right opportunity for me and I relish the chance to become enrolled with George Washington University. Read More
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