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Characteristics of Personal Mastery and Effective Team Learning - Essay Example

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A detailed account of personal mastery and team learning has been elucidated through respective definitions along with their characteristics and contributing factors, in relation to real life situations. The paper concludes with important learning acquired in the process…
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Characteristics of Personal Mastery and Effective Team Learning
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"Characteristics of Personal Mastery and Effective Team Learning"

Download file to see previous pages As the paper stresses learning organizations help all people to continuously expand their capacities to create results that they truly desire, and new and extensive ways of thinking are nourished, facilitates collective aspirations and constant learning to learn together. Thus, contemporary management believes that organizational learning is a multidimensional process, and is not possible through traditional one-way thinking. Personal mastery and team learning are two competencies that help employees to improve their awareness and realization of management tasks and decision making. This awareness and learning will further help managers to maximize the potential of their employees; to achieve optimum results; encourage employees to think creatively and analyse situations from different perspectives.
From the report it is clear that the concept of personal mastery involves cultivation of personal impetus to continually learn how actions affect an individual’s external and internal world. Without an attempt to gain personal mastery, individuals will never realize the root cause of issues and problems that do not seem to have any solution; individuals tend to view these issues and problems as highly complex and intertwined and impossible to understand or resolve. Learning is the fundamental ground to personal mastery, which should eventually and continually lead to re-creating oneself. A continuous process of learning helps individuals to bring about a paradigm shift in their thinking and approach, and help in achieving goals that once seemed unachievable. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Characteristics of Personal Mastery and Effective Team Learning Essay - 1.
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