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The MSc Education - Essay Example

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The aim of the paper “The MSc Education” is to evaluate the MSc Education (Comparative and International Education), which is particularly appealing to the author because it holds out the prospect of disseminating acquired knowledge in the international and comparative education field…
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The MSc Education
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Download file to see previous pages This course is therefore ideal for providing me with an excellent academic background necessary for facilitating my career path. The opportunity to explore the changing education systems and developments within the context of globalization, as well as the prospect of reshaping conceptual and methodological frameworks that run parallel to economic, social and educational policy changes, excites me. I would, therefore, like to further investigate the comparative education field and the interplay between the global and local spheres.
My undergraduate degree together with the experiences teaching young learners English as a foreign language as a part-time voluntary appointment at university and Multicultural English summer schools; as full-time employment during the summer breaks (2004-2009), significanlty contributed to my resolve with respect to Education related goals. From my own observations during the process of language teaching, I was able to understand the impact of socio-cultural and socio-economic forces on learning and receptivity. I was able to discern that various factors such as age, influence, personal motivations, and the overall learning environment, including social and intercultural settings, contributed the classroom dynamics. I found a new appreciation for the essential role of a teacher in facilitating the development of linguistic skills and effective communication within ethnically and culturally diverse contexts. In coming to this realization, I altered my approach to teaching during the course of my English Language teaching in summer school programmes to accommodate diversity. My educational and hands-on experience is a manifestation of that fact that the internationalization of curriculum content forms my core interests within international education disciplines.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The MSc Education Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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