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Creating a Plan for a Culturally Diverse Classroom - Essay Example

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This essay describes the plan creation, that is aimed to for a culturally diverse classroom and the use of The Bilingual Education Act of 1968, that was one of the first to address issues of growing numbers of students in US classrooms who could not speak English…
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Creating a Plan for a Culturally Diverse Classroom
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"Creating a Plan for a Culturally Diverse Classroom"

Download file to see previous pages This essay discusses the a potential problem that involves focusing on English in the classroom situation for school management and teachers, because devising an evaluation measure that works across the board naturally, according to some, denies the individuality of teachers who all have a different teaching and learning style, making it difficult to judge them by broad and ill-defined standards. Also, what works for one teacher may not work for another. The situation is one in which many dedicated individuals go about the act of teaching in different ways, which makes it hard to impose an outside standard on their activities in terms of a “one-size-fits-all” approach. This is why communication and learning are so vital to the management process, as effective communication between teachers and social workers is one way of overcoming this obstacle. The researcher states that social worker needs to be especially up to date on these cases because other kinds of research really don’t show it. “Modern research findings on bilingual education are mixed. It is so difficult to control for complex background factors that affect academic outcomes that no single study is ultimately satisfying… the conflicting evidence from these studies does not suggest that abolishing bilingual programs would change results much”. If there is no empirical evidence, it falls to look towards the courts and legislators. The researcher then concluds that he supports English as a Second Language programs as a primary way of reaching students. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Creating a Plan for a Culturally Diverse Classroom Gollnick and Chinn (2006), multicultural education is “educational strategy in which students’ cultural backgrounds are used to develop effective classroom instruction and school environments.” This educational strategy carries the concept of diversity, equality, culture, social justice and democracy in the classroom (Gollnick, Chinn, 2006). These concepts are the foundational areas that are given importance in the developed strategy. It is very important that we give meaning and sentiments to the issue of multiculturalism. Thus we need to create an atmosphere of tolerance, acceptance, and caring in our classroom...
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...National Resource Center, EHSNRC (3). The employer should also offer support by creating opportunities to enable employees discuss developing practice. The exchange of diverse knowledge propagates self development among professionals. With the increased cultural diversity among children in learning institutions, EHSNRC (5) asks teachers to be prepared to handle considerable diversity in children experiences. This raises the need for culturally responsive teaching where cultural experiences, perspectives and characteristics would be used as tools for effectively teaching them. The assumption here is that when knowledge...
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Culturally Responsive Classroom the future. Keywords: cultural responsive teaching, cultural responsive pedagogy, achievement potential, multicultural diversity, multidisciplinary education, I. Rationale Behind Cultural Responsive Pedagogy Traditional Education and Its Impact A regular scenario inside a conventional classroom environment would be having a single teacher-facilitator mentoring about 15 or more pupils with the same age range. Traditional education generally adopts the ‘carrot-stick’ method and the ‘one-teaching technique-fits all’. “The structures, assumptions, substance and operations of conventional educational enterprises are patterned on European American...
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...Psychological treatment of culturally diverse populations The United s is fast becoming a multicultural, multiracial, and multilingual society.The released 2000 U.S. Census (2001) shows that within several decades, people of color will become numeric majority. These changes have been called the "diversification of the United States" by the U.S. Census Bureau. Much of the altercation is due to two major trends in the United States: the advancing immigration of racial/ethnic minorities and the high birthrate among them. According to the data presented by the U.S. Census Bureau in 1990, 76% of the population was of White Americans origin. In contrast in 2000, the numbers fell down to 69%. The U.S. Census...
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...favouritism towards some children (those from a common ethnic community or race) while sidelining the others. Such an approach would not only kill the morale of the children who are alienated but would also affect their development within the culturally diverse society. It is undisputable that in dealing with culturally diverse children, recognition of each child's identity is important as in doing so they grow to be proud of themselves. Datta (2000) noted that teachers of culturally diverse classes (whether kindergarten) or lower grade education have to observe their pupils right from the time they step into the...
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...of an organization harbor prejudices. Numerous studies conclude that a large number of minority workers receive insufficient information about their present job conditions and future opportunities. The proposed strategies will motivate and inspire Ado and his family. In sum, cultural shock and new workplace environment are not easy to manage. In spite of perception of diversity as a benefit and opportunities for the workforce, it creates a lot of problems including additional training and supervision costs. The white flight, triggered by the influx of minorities, has dramatically changed the demographics of cities and small towns. References Barham K., Conway C. 1998, Developing...
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...Culturally diverse special education room Culturally diverse special education room Introduction In today's era, people are not bound to live in a specific territory. They have the freedom to choose the best possible place for their education, business and living. Their different cultures, languages and social aspects are not really observed as a matter of difference between them. But while teaching, a teacher at times is not able to treat all these multicultural students equally and this leads to discrimination between these students. In order to teach students of different cultures in one class room the teacher has to maintain some...
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...University to form different counseling groups of different communities which will efficiently help the administration in addressing the problems of the international students at campus. These groups can also be used as an effective tool to spread the positive word-of-mouth on the University’s approach and reputation which will make it more appealing for international students. With the growing competition among different universities, it is the high time for our university to focus more on targeting the international students and to create awareness about different courses that are offered here, the friendly environment with a completely culturally diverse atmosphere that makes the...
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...Culturally Compatible room Culturally Compatible room I is a federal education program in the US which sees schools with a large number of low-income students receive funds from the government. Most title I schools contain a large population of diverse students. This diversity affects many aspects such as race, cultural orientation and intellectual ability. Instructional leadership has to do with the actions taken by principals, or delegated to others, so as to promote and foster growth and development in student learning. Instructional leaders in title I schools have the responsibility of creating classrooms that a...
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...orientation portrays nurturing of certain virtues whose interests are geared towards future returns. It promotes preservation. Short term is more concerned with balancing the past with the present, which involves such virtues as face preservation, respect for organization traditions and fulfillment of social obligations. Managers that are long-term oriented help the company to make strategic developmental plans whereas short term oriented assist the organization deal with daily challenges that affect an organization. Impacts on employees Low socio-economic and culturally diverse situations affect employees by influencing their motivation and productivity. The condition eventually...
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