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Different Education Methods: Korea vs. America - Essay Example

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 The writer of this essay talks about the Korean education system in comparison with the American education system through the experience of the Koreans who preferred to go to the United States to study. Just like other Asians, many South Koreans do this in recent years…
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Different Education Methods: Korea vs. America
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Extract of sample "Different Education Methods: Korea vs. America"

Download file to see previous pages In Korea, the classroom must accommodate a large number of students. This makes it hard for students to be involved in class discussions. Most of the time students merely listen and take notes of the school instruction; buy reference books; and, the study takes home assignments. In addition, there are not much question and answer activities in classroom setting because the Korean approach is very traditional, with the teacher dominating the class discussion. It is a very one-way approach, perhaps because it is convenient due to the number of students in the class and also because it is what is mandated by the South Korean curriculum.
Out of the harsh and strict education, they have had back home, American education is a breath of fresh air for Koreans. As a result, they find themselves rigid side by side American students who they think have very bright attitudes and relaxed outlook because of comfortable environments in school. The classroom sizes, in general, are not as large as Korean classrooms. Furthermore, the curricula in American schools encourage discussion and require student participation as the better approach to learning for students. For Koreans in the US, this better gives them more confidence to express and explore ideas and more opportunities to integrate social interaction with learning. Here, students do not merely sit side by side and listen to what the teacher has to say. There are so many group projects given as assignments, so there are lots of opportunities for students to be trained in talking and expressing their ideas in front of other classmates and teacher. New Korean students often marvel and are fascinated with the way some classes just talk about one topic and everyone has to get involved in it. Also, a lot of teachers give out their extra hours at the office so students can come anytime for any extra assistance needed.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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