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 The writer of this essay discusses him choose a path leading toward practicing law in the medical field. As he grew in Uganda, he heard stories about what an amazing doctor and man his father had been. He decided to become a doctor as well…
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My Personal Background
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My personal background has made me choose a path leading toward practicing law in the medical field. I was born in Uganda. My father a doctor, and mymother was a professor. Unfortunately my father of died when I was two years old of diabetes. This left my mother a single parent of two young children. The saying ’It takes a village to raise a child’ originated in Africa. My village was our extended family, friends, and neighbors. These individual helped my mother raise my sister and I. As I grew in Uganda, I heard stories about what an amazing doctor and man my father had been. I decided to become a doctor as well.
In my household education was a precious commodity. Television or radio were not allowed until homework was finished. My father and mother were the first in their respective families to graduate from the university. Education was not taken lightly in my home. Throughout my life, my mother has instilled into me the value of education. As a professor, my mother understood the benefits of a good instruction. My mother want us to have the best education and life. She thought the best way to achieve this goal was to come to America.
I was eleven years old when we arrived in the United States. I started going to school in the English language environment. When I began my university career, I enrolled in the Pre-Medical program at Boston College. I took classes like Pulse and Inequality in America. After taking these classes I realized that medicine was not the right path for me. I wanted to go into law and help right injustice in the world. I also decided to have a double major in Sociology and Psychology after my first sociology class. I hope my Law/Sociology/Psychology degree will help me achieve my main goal of helping the those who have no one to speak up for them.
Although I left Uganda, I have never lost a love for my homeland. Last December, I returned to Uganda after ten years. The conditions I remembered have grown worse. Adequate healthcare should not be a privilege for the few, but a basic right for everyone all around the world. Ugandans deserve to have an advocate to fight for human rights. I feel that is my mission in life. I will put my education to help, not just Uganda, but all underdeveloped nations around the world. It is only fitting that I give back to a community and nation that raised me by becoming someone who can fight for their rights.
I am very passionate about anything related to my culture and my birth nation. I help teach the older generation how to use the computer. My friends and I founded UgBuddy, a mentoring organization geared towards helping young Ugandans transition from high school to college, or transition from the Ugandan education system to the American education system by helping them with their college applications, financial aid applications and tutoring.
These personal experiences and my daily endeavors have contributed to my passion and desire towards becoming a lawyer. I want to be an advocate for not only Ugandans, but oppressed people worldwide. Instead of being only a taker, I want to give back in this life. The only way to achieve this goal is to obtain my law degree. Read More
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