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Problems Associated with Rise of English as a World Language - Research Paper Example

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This paper discusses the rise of English as a world language happened with the policy of colonialism by the British from the 18th century. The paper focuses on the western style of living, for this reason, it is particularly difficult to encourage learning of the English language…
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Problems Associated with Rise of English as a World Language
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Extract of sample "Problems Associated with Rise of English as a World Language"

Download file to see previous pages Learning the English language became essential to the natives to communicate with the invaders. The process of learning in these circumstances may not have been ideal, given the nature of the situation where learning happened in the backdrop of the conquerors and the vanquished (Gunaratne, Shelton A). However, it did introduce a new culture where the conquerors and the vanquished mixed for various compulsions that included trade and commerce.
The grim situations arising from the conquerors-vanquished relationships continued to cast their shadows across the continents and societies that began learning the new language of the British. Military expeditions, business misunderstandings or plain local native skirmishes did see an exchange of views, albeit impolite, that showed the level of mastery over the new language by the vanquished or the extent of the local languages learned by the British soldiers or administrators.
Such aggravating situations continue to smolder today at various places where English is spoken or is forced to be the spoken language. Today’s conditions are, however, not as complex as they were during the middle ages. The minority can seek legal justice at workplaces or in other situations if the nature of the enforcement is arbitrary or one-sided (Graddol, David).
The situation is particularly difficult in places where English is frowned upon and not encouraged in the academics surprisingly in certain countries in Europe such as Romania and Bulgaria. However, even in these places, English is being taught to educate the current generation since English is officially recognized throughout the world.
The problems associated with the rise of English as a global language are not universal. They are mostly associated with cultural misunderstanding or local skirmishes.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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