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How Teaching of Shakespeare at School Reflects Cultural Values - Term Paper Example

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The author states that it is almost impossible to conceive a secondary school program of teaching English, at any rate in England, that ignores the study of Shakespeare. Then, the author explains how this policy reflects cultural values and how it affects different social groups…
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How Teaching of Shakespeare at School Reflects Cultural Values
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Extract of sample "How Teaching of Shakespeare at School Reflects Cultural Values"

Download file to see previous pages It was the fourteenth century and the English language gained wide use though out Britain but with the addition of many French words. (C, 2001) The biggest development, however, was due to advancements made in pronunciation in the eighteenth century which took the English to the current modern English language. English got its own grammar, spellings, and vocabulary and established as the standard language of Britain. This development was brought into shape when the first English dictionary was published in the year 1604. Now the English language is recognized as a global language and is considered a language full of literary heritage. Shakespeare never got revered or respected in his lifetime but he got good results of his work. No writer could boast of such successor fame and no book could compare the brilliance of Shakespeare’s work. He was a legend who could be copied but we would never be able to see his parallel. His writings are honored by granting them in the literary canon as well as including them in the secondary school curriculum.

Like all the other languages, the English language is actually the verbal expression of the culture it belongs to. Any particular language contains everything which belongs to its culture; it could, in fact, be called a virtual embodiment of the culture. The insinuations of language being completely entangled in culture, in regards to language educating and language policy are important. Language teachers must teach their students on the cultural background enlightening them with language usage, choose culturally apt teaching methods, and explore culturally dependent linguistic differences to encourage understanding instead of fallacies or chauvinism. Verbal communication policies must be devised used to create responsiveness and understandings of cultural differences, and written to incorporate the cultural standards of those being educated. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How Teaching of Shakespeare at School Reflects Cultural Values Term Paper.
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