Education and Learning Theory - Essay Example

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In this paper, the three main categorical frameworks of learning theories will be described - Behaviourism, Cognitivism, and Constructivism. Moreover, the writer will discuss its contribution to the process of developing the instructional multi media design…
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Education and Learning Theory
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"Education and Learning Theory"

Download file to see previous pages The three learning theories discussed include a number of conceptual differences with regard to preparing instructional multimedia design. In terms of explaining mental activities, Behaviourism is associated with the body while Cognitivism is related to the mind. Cognitive notions include schema or knowledge structures in learning processes, which do not find any behavioural equivalent. In Behaviourism, the instructor designs the learning environment. Cognitive approach involves the instructor in structuring problem solving activities with group learning strategies. In case of Constructivism, the instructor focuses on peer interaction through which, learners can develop their knowledge on known concepts. In Behaviourism, the learner remains passive; in Cognitivism, he learns to process, store and retrieve information for future use.
The proposed project on Production of a Visual Basic Tutor intends to include the learning theories of Behaviourism, Cognitivism and Constructivism while preparing the instructional multimedia design. A systematic instructional design should include all the three theories that will help analyse learners, make objectives for the course, set the instructional preferences and assess student performance. Student interaction with teachers, course materials, and among themselves is an essential requirement in a learning situation. It is the main objectivity of the instructional design to analyse learners and provide them with required knowledge by creating a problem solving situation. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Education and Learning Theory Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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