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Affect of Specific Language Impairment - Essay Example

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The aim of the paper “Affect of Specific Language Impairment” is to evaluate the Language impairment, which results from the delayed or disordered development of the content, form, or use of spoken language. It is a communication disorder consisting of inappropriate use in language structure…
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Affect of Specific Language Impairment
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Extract of sample "Affect of Specific Language Impairment"

Download file to see previous pages A child whose major problem is with receptive language (comprehension) faces difficulties in language which inhibit appropriate communication exchanges and their comprehension may act as a barrier to the development of social interactions and socially-skilled behaviours as compared to children with expressive language difficulties, Also they are more likely to experience social and behavioural problems and to be the target for bullying. Their measures of cognitive and language performance tend to be consistent over time, but ratings or measures of behavioural difficulties are more variable they show higher level of behavioural, emotional, and social adjustment difficulties.

 A child with expressive language impairment has difficulty with the production of language that adequately represents the child intended message and may include problems with word retrieval, word use, sentence formulation, and/or conversational skills. The following characteristics may indicate difficulties in producing language. The child speaks in words, phrases, incomplete or inaccurate sentences, relies upon gesture to supplement or substitute for oral language, uses pronouns, plurals, and possessives incorrectly, has difficulty with the agreement of subjects and verbs, , has difficulty telling a story or describing an event or procedure in a logical sequence, uses run-on sentences, has limited expressive vocabulary, has difficulty finding the appropriate word (s) to express meaning, overuses filler words such as “ah” or “um”. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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