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In the paper “Why I Choose to Study Medicine” the author explains why he is applying for the MD program for High School graduates. He is 24, an American, and may be older than most of the applicants to the school but he has been really lucky to travel around the world…
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Why I Choose to Study Medicine
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Why I choose to study Medicine I am applying for the MD program for High School graduates (6 years). I’m 24, an American, and may be older than mostof the applicants to the school but I have been really lucky to travel around the world. Both my parents work for the airlines (My mom is a stewardess and my dad is a pilot). I have been to countries such as China, India, South Africa, Brazil, almost all EU countries, New Zealand, and many others. I have seen and lived many different cultures throughout my short life. Because of this, I can easily adjust to different cultures.
I am halfway through working on my private pilots’ license (PPL) which includes study of Air Regulations (Air Law), Navigation Meteorology, and Aeronautics Pilotage (Airmanship).
I am applying for the 6year (out-of-high-school) program instead of the 4year out of University program. Perhaps because of my early fascination with frequent traveling with my parents, I have never really put a big effort into my BSc. (I am about 90 credits in.)
Completion into something is what I meant to do now. I have taken courses in Kinesiology, Philosophy Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, and English. I would like to go through Medicine if in order.
Saving other people’s lives is something that I would like to do. I feel like I have taken enough from this world and now its time to put a little back in it. There is a pride, I think, in being a doctor, but there is also the challenge to make good. Imagine the beat of life lying in your hands but you would have to think and move to be an instrument to let that beat continue on and live. Imagine that those lives are the very ones to also let other lives beat on. If I were that doctor, how great is the challenge to answer the hopes of families gaping at you for answers.
This is the kind of life I would like to go into. There is meaning and there is purpose. All the time my life was suspended on air, I would think of these things. Life are precious it could crumble anytime. But it could also be saved. If given the chance, I would like to join the medical world. At least, I could say I am useful for others after all.
I am a voracious reader of all types of books. As such, it will not be strange to me to be meeting requirements in school for much reading and research. I am proficient in English besides. Aside from my concern for mental health, I also go for physical health. I exercise regularly and enjoy all sorts of sports but mainly skiing.
Ive been told that Im very personable and easy to get along with. Therefore, if I would be mixing with other cultures in school, I am ready for it. Over in my church community, I meet all sorts of people. I think I am of the gregarious kind and this is no problem. When one becomes a doctor, he doesn’t look into the color of the patient’s skin before he decides to serve.
I volunteer at a Union Gospel Mission soup kitchen whenever I get to church as this is my way of mixing with the community. I love the feeling that I can be of use to others, especially the underprivileged. I’m a manager of a restaurant - a small fish and chips place. We do a really high volume business so I know how to work under stress which is also shown in my flying lessons.
In my restaurant, I am a multi-tasking king and keep a level head during stressful times.
At work, I am in charge or everything, including payroll, schedules, making sure everything during the day goes smoothly, cooking, cleaning, and dealing with customers. I guess, from all of these experiences, I have grown a lot. If given the chance to study medicine, I know the things I have learned at work will come in handy. Read More
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