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The American Way of Life - Admission/Application Essay Example

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In the paper “The American Way of Life” the author as a Japanese, who has spent the major part of his life at home, describes that his exposure to the American way of life has been a revelation. The absolute freedom given to the exploration of individual potential is something which he deeply admires…
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The American Way of Life
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Extract of sample "The American Way of Life"

Admission Essay. As a Japanese, who has spent the major part of my life at home, my exposure to the American way of life has been a revelation. The absolute freedom and encouragement given to the exploration of individual potential, and the wide choice and flexibility which reflects this approach in academic programs, is something which I deeply admire and am grateful to be given an opportunity to experience. I am particularly impressed by the broadminded inclusiveness of American society, which, I must confess, is a refreshing contrast to the rigidity and stifling formality which often continue to define Japanese society. This has made me determined to throw myself unreservedly into University life, in order to experience the best of the American way of life and to share with others my unique Japanese heritage.
I bring to my work the Japanese ethic of dedication, discipline and total focus. I have been fortunate to belong to a family in which the mechanical is optimally welded with the aesthetic: my father is an engineer in Japan, while my mother is a graduate in music. This background has shown me the importance of hard work, practice and a systemic routine. It is this approach which has helped me to overcome the handicap of being a student in a foreign academic environment and enabled me to achieve straight A’s in my last semester. This has also blessed me with a deep appreciation of the serene beauty of my part of America.
I deeply admire the economic miracle which is America. This has prompted my choice of Economics as a major and I plan to equip myself with the best academic qualifications in that field, so that I can become a leading economist and do my own part in making the world a better place. My love of travel has given me an exposure to several countries, in addition to Japan and the U.S., and has made me deeply aware that it is undoubtedly the economy which makes the world go round! I plan to return to Japan after a period of study and work in America, and after gathering the knowledge and work experience which will enable me to selectively identify the best in two of the world’s greatest economies and fuse that best into my own individual approach, which will make a difference to the world economy.
I love socializing and meeting students of different backgrounds: I often end up chatting at a café during my breaks! This has given me valuable insights into the richness of human character and also revealed the chasms of class and economy which separate society, even in America. This has strengthened my conviction that the study of economy and, perhaps even more importantly, exposure to different people and countries is an essential part of education.
My optimism has always been my strength and seen me through and I am now excited by the vast possibilities and the richness of life which the University of offers. I am conscious of a certain reserve and shyness in my personality, and am confident that this exposure to an environment as stimulating as this will have the added advantage of making me a more assertive individual. At the same time, I am equally confident that my unique heritage, my enthusiasm for the American way of life, my love of soccer, my abiding interest in different countries and people, my disciplined approach to studies and my awareness of the basic similarities of all mankind, despite differences of nationality and background, will enable me to definitely contribute my part towards enriching the student life of the University of . Read More
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