Pursuing the Career of Professional Accountant - Admission/Application Essay Example

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The writer of this admission essay seeks to provide a personal statement on the rationale for choosing the path of an accountant as a future career choice. Therefore, the writer also describes the personal experience and educational background and qualification…
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Pursuing the Career of Professional Accountant
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 My father, who is a successful accountant in China, is a parent, mentor and role-model rolled into one for me! From him, I have inherited not just a love of tidy columns of numbers, but also a work ethic which incorporates hard work, integrity and discipline with a passionate belief that a career as a professional accountant is a path to a life which can make a positive contribution to society. Today, it is undoubtedly money which makes the world go round! I am convinced that it is financial security which is the bedrock of personal happiness and the complete realization of individual potential. I particularly admire the economic miracle which has transformed China. At the same time, I have become deeply aware that the wise management of finance is the most crucial aspect of any economy. I believe that my temperament and interests uniquely equip me to excel in a career as a professional accountant.
I am sure that you will agree that a successful manager is not one who just tallies his accounts, but also one who skillfully manages time and people! My love of interpersonal relationships has made me involved in the organization of student leadership conferences and international student activities, where my communication skills came to the fore: my fluency in English, Cantonese and Mandarin has certainly proved to be an asset here. From food and venues, to the logistics of travel and accommodation, I have thrived on the challenges thrown my way.
My childhood in China has made me acutely conscious of the vast chasm that separates the haves and the have-nots. This has made me an enthusiastic volunteer in community activities, where I have been in the forefront of campaigns to raise funds for a children’s hospital and for South Asian tsunami victims, to promote local fruit harvesting and donation to fruit banks to meet the nutritional requirements of needy children. Fundraising certainly does enhance one’s persuasive skills! My work with the Lung Association has also been an enriching learning experience. These experiences have reinforced my conviction that my part in making this world a better place lies in the successful management and accounting of money. Well-managed money will logically generate greater profits which can be channelized towards the alleviation of poverty. In this context, I particularly enjoyed my Commerce Club project, which had the same objective: create profits that can be channeled into community programs.
My hands-on experience as an intern at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu proved that I can work under pressure. My absolute enjoyment of the duties involved – both accounting and interaction with customers, has strengthened my belief that this is what I want to do with my life. This is the career path best suited to my unique skills. I am convinced that my love of accounting and my desire to do my own small part towards the betterment of society can be merged into a goal which I can reach when I have mastered the academic qualifications I need. I am fully confident that my distinctive abilities will be enhanced and honed by the post-graduate program in Accounting at the University of Toronto and make me shine in my chosen career. Read More
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