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Educational Psychology - Essay Example

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The author of this paper “Educational Psychology” believes that selecting the appropriate lesson is important to the success of all students but it is critical to the success of students with disabilities. The developmental level implies teaching at the readiness level. …
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Educational Psychology
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Extract of sample "Educational Psychology"

Download file to see previous pages However, many critics have proved Piaget to be inaccurate about the time in which the student is developmentally ready to conserve and because children develop individually and not just static some students are able to operate at a higher level than others. Further, some students may need concrete materials to manipulate whereas others may be able to solve the problem abstractly.
The author of this paper “Educational Psychology” believes that selecting the appropriate lesson is important to the success of all students but it is critical to the success of students with disabilities. For example, the teacher with students with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (adhd) may adopt a task analysis approach to the teaching of numbers. In this approach the teacher must during preparation time, systematically and sequentially go through the steps involved in the understanding of the value of eleven. The teacher must itemize each step as this procedure would become a recipe for understanding the value of eleven. The teacher would begin the lesson by reviewing previously taught lessons to ensure that students remember the previous concepts and are ready to move forward. Also it would focus their minds to the lesson. Once the teacher is satisfied that students have the required previous knowledge and skill, then the teacher may proceed to distribute concrete examples of the numeral ten. The teacher may then allow students to count the objects up to 10. The next step would be to add one more object and elicit from students.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Educational Psychology

... setting outcomes for students in adolescence. The study is supported by a series of theories including aspects from both Vygotsky and Piaget. Other studies also support the outcome of the study including biological psychological studies in which the brain responds to the use of MC as well as studies of the use of MC to help students achieve other goals. In relating this study to the pursuit of educational psychology, it is clear that the field has relative importance in finding ways to make learning more efficient and successful in the future. An individual who chooses to pursue this field of study is contributing materially and theoretically to the field so that learning environments, tools, and methods can be improved for future...
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...). Academic Motivation and School Performance: Toward a Structured Model. Contemporary Educational Psychology 20, 257-274. Jaakkola, T. & Liukkonen, J. (2006). Changes In Students' Self-Determined Motivation And Goal Orientation As A Result Of Motivational Climate Intervention Within High School Physical Education Classes. International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology 4(3), 302-324. Kowalski, P. (2007). Changes In Students' Motivation To Learn During The First Year Of College. Psychological Reports 101(1), 79-89. Menezes, P. (2012, April 20). Teaching Then and Now. Educ 300. Retrieved November 2, 2013, from
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...selling or any other possible way. Teaching staffs employ methods like pairing students and make them to work as a group. Another method that could be used is pair checking. In this method one student checks another student’s work. This improves their capability of grasping the subject. Lectures by visiting professors helps in great deal. Seminars should be conducted regularly. Students should be given an opportunity in giving seminars. Presentations play a vital role in seminars. This helps in assessing student’s presentation and communication skills. Reference Woolfolk, A. Educational Psychology. (10th ED.) Boston: Pearson Education, Inc....
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.... Teaching staffs employ methods like pairing students and make them to work as a group. Another method that could be used is pair checking. In this method one student checks another student's work. This improves their capability of grasping the subject. Lectures by visiting professors help in great deal. Seminars should be conducted regularly. Students should be given an opportunity in giving seminars. Presentations play a vital role in seminars. This helps in assessing student's presentation and communication skills. Reference Woolfolk, A. Educational Psychology. Boston: Pearson Education, Inc. 2007. Fredrickson, G. The Historical Origins and Development of Racism. Retrieved Feb. 28, 2007, from ....
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... form more bonds and form them more easily than people of lower ability. The ability to form bonds was rooted in genetic potential through the genes' influence on the structure of the brain, but the content of intellect was a function of experience" Thorndyke did not believe that intelligence devoid of cultural dependence is possible. Applied in educational psychology, connectionism refers to the scientific way of learning. Connectionism is applied to religion, theology and philosophy as well. It insists on the study of brain and nor mere theoretical psychology. "Philosophers have become interested in connectionism because it promises to provide an alternative to the classical theory...
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... “speak to his” brain on a daily basis to explain to his brain that he WAS a writer. Thirdly, they would celebrate his writing together and in front of the class. Two days after this discussion Andrew came to Miss O’Brien and asked her if he could write a story on an idea that had come to him from the book they were reading in class. Understanding Educational Processes The reason of educational psychology is to assist teachers and potential teachers expand a improved understanding of educational processes. By "better understanding" we mean a broader, deeper, and more effectual indulgent, an understanding that is based on scientific research and not on well-liked belief or myths. By "educational processes" we mean the behavioral changes...
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...Educational Psychology The academic growth and development am I have, will be beneficial to the next year’s freshman class, in that. They will help me to demonstrate academic engagement with the course content through regular attendance, and active participation in my course. It will serve as a foundation for demonstrating competency in writing, note taking, as well as critical thinking and reasoning skills that would help me to master class work. Leadership initiative will be brought to the position of mentoring young class students in the sense that. As a leader, I will ensure that mentoring goals; and, values are in line with school values (Barry 78). The mission of leadership initiative will be to educate, inspire, and empower...
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...Educational Psychology Introduction Teaching is more than just appearing in and explaining concepts. Effective learning is achieved when all students actively participate and engage in the learning process. There are several instances where students, due to diverse reasons, may not have the intrinsic motivation to participate in the learning process. In such cases, the teacher is presented with a daunting task of deploying effective methods and tact that can bring back the learner to find meaning in the learning process. Asking questions is one of the many ways an instructor can use to ensure everyone in the class is alert and attentive to the learning process. Probing students for answers is a crucial process that enhances the learners...
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Psychology of Learning for Instruction

Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget (1896- 1980) and Russian psychologist Lev Vygotsky (1896-1934) have developed their ideas and theories on cognitive development and psychology that bears a relationship, which is significantly similar, yet essentially different. It is in this context, that Vygotsky’s theory of cognitive development assumes significance. Though Vygotsky and Piaget, agree on certain fundamental aspects of cognitive development, the framework and approach of their theories, differ essentially.
Before a comparative study of two theories could be done, an understanding of the basic tenets of each theory is vital. According to Piaget's theory (1970), cognitive development of an individual occurs through a number...
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When a person hears or sees things that are not present, they are known as hallucinations. Hallucinations can be visual, auditory, olfactory, tactile, proprioceptive and receptive. Delusions are pathological fixed false beliefs. When the person believes that other people (who actually exist) are reading his thoughts and plotting against him, the person is said to suffer from delusions. Heightened perception is said to be present when the person feels that his senses are flooded with all the sights and sounds that surround him. Disorganized thinking and speech are said to be present when the person can not think logically and speaks peculiarly. Loose associations, perseveration, and neologisms are all manifestations of disorganized...
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The changing nature of gender roles in the 21st century is discussed and some practical examples of these changes being investigated. Then, it will critically analyze the role media plays in shaping human behavior. Lastly, the report will look at how gender roles are acquired through the observation of male and female social role models.

The awareness of who we are and whether we are female or male is an important aspect of human development. Some eminent psychologists have raised concerns about how we come to be identified as male or female. They ask, does the process of identification of who we are starts right from the moment the child is born? Or does she/he learn about its identity from the social environment in wh...
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Cognitive psychology attempts to understand the nature of human intelligence and how people think. The study of cognitive psychology is motivated by scientific curiosity, by the desire for practical applications, and by the need to provide a foundation for other fields of social science. (Anderson, 1990:3) Looking into the history of the world at large, it becomes evident that almost all human societies have been socially stratified from the most primitive Paleolithic and Neolithic ages to the most modern contemporary era of hi-technology and computerization. The social division of individuals is on the basis of caste, class, creed, clan, community, region, race, religion, gender, age, and socioeconomic status. Socioeconomic statu...
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The Discourses of Psychology and History

Psychology as a field of discourse relies heavily on empirical evidence; being a social science, this empirical evidence is still subject to much subjective analysis. This is not to say that there is no room in chemistry for any sort of subjective analysis, but there is not nearly as much leeway as there would be in social science like psychology. This is the reason why there is such a contrasting difference in the way that theories are phrased in hard sciences and social sciences.

Concerning written assignments in psychology courses, there is a definite, approved approach that must be followed. Generally speaking, psychology paper assignments are not supposed to contain quotations from other papers; the findings of ano...
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Key Concepts of Counseling Psychology

Humans were born with the capacity to know and the freedom to choose between good and evil.  Given this freedom, we are responsible for our decisions, actions, and thoughts. Consequently, there is a need for therapy when an individual is unable or unwilling to accept personal responsibility for emotional problems.   We are not perfect therefore we make imperfect decisions. Therapy in this integrative approach attempts to get the client to live at peace with themselves in spite of mistakes. However, the level of peace depends on the extent to which one allows the environment to influence one’s inner world. Individuals, therefore, have the capability to improve themselves. Nonetheless, we have the tendency to develop...
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School Bullying: an Educational Problem

School bullying is a serious educational problem that is receiving increased attention. While anti-bullying programs are mandatory in Australian and American schools, they are not in Singapore (Forss, 2006). In Singapore, 95% of students in primary and secondary schools have experienced bullying (Forss, 2006).

A bully is someone who repeatedly attacks another individual who does not resist (Berger, 2006) and constantly harasses somebody else either physically or psychologically (Bosworth, Espelage, Simon, 1999). Bullying is manifested in many different ways such as physical, verbal and relational bullying (Berger, 2006). As a result of bullying, victims may experience anger, sadness, and depression which can lead to lo...
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..., Hall, Dewey and Siegler to name a few. In educational psychology the scientific method is used in research because it is the sole means by which objective data can be gathered in this field. The scientific method is a systematic and thorough approach in which research can be conducted. It involves the following steps: asking questions, doing background research, constructing hypothesis, testing with an experiment, analyzing results, drawing conclusions and reporting results. The researcher is required to construct another hypothesis if the tested hypothesis was found to be false or partially true. The scientific method is used in both qualitative and quantitative research. The quantitative method is used in cases where the sample can...
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Organisational Learning in Educational Institutions

Conventional understandings will be reviewed and reinterpreted based on the actual practice and needs of such organizations.

Most literature on organizational development tends to be for the management of business organizations. But I believe that organizational learning is more crucial for non-profit motivated service organizations such as educational institutions because they are more embedded in society and have greater social as well as economic consequences. Educational institutions are dynamic institutions like many others but they are fundamentally different from businesses for whom most of the conventional organizational change and development theories are framed. A developed and tailored theory of organizationa...
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...Independent Research Study An investigation into the Structure of the Educational System in Morocco and its Capa for Addressing the Needs and Expectations of the Hospitality Industry in the Country Submitted by : Submitted to : Course : Date : September 29, 2009 Word Count : 3,069 words STATEMENT OF AUTHORSHIP “I confirm that no part of this work, except where clearly quoted and referenced, has been copied from material belonging to any person e.g. from a book, handout, another student. I am aware that it is a breach of GIHE regulations to copy the work of another without clear acknowledgement and that attempting to do so render me liable to disciplinary procedures.” ________________ Table of Contents I. Consultant’s Brief 4...
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Analysis of Educational Website

... Analysis of Educational Website Introduction Since antiquity, education remained a major component of human societies; however, until few decades ago, it existed in the society in its traditional and conventional form that involved one-to-one interaction of teachers with their students in classrooms. Since few years, educators and scholars have witnessed rapid advancements in the field of information and technology that has altered almost every sector of the society in a rapid manner, and so the education sector as well. In such advancements, internet has now become one of the most popular platforms for students, teachers, businesspersons, and individuals from every sector to acquire education and information within few clicks and minutes...
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Keys to Educational Psychology

...growth of the organisation. Communication in an organisation is very important though there are barriers that are likely to be encountered. As such, managers ought to implement accommodative policies in order to overcome barriers to communication. References Armstrong, M 2006, Human Resources Management Practice, 7th Edition, Kogan Page Limited: NY. Eloff, I & Ebersohn, L 2004, Keys To Educational Psychology, UCT, CT. Kleynhans, R 2007, Human Resource Management: fresh perspectives, Prentice Hall: CT. Kotler, P & Armstrong G 2004, Principles of Marketing, Pearson Education, Upper Saddle River: NJ. Kritzinger E., Bowler A. and Goliath D (2003), Effective Communication: Getting the message across in business, ...
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