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Ethical Issues with Research on Lack of Parental Involvement and Childrens Education - Essay Example

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Social research is both theoretical and empirical. This paper looks at the ethical issues related to research work on the lack of parental involvement and its effects on the education of their children. A social research project on this topic involves a wide range of skills and activities…
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Ethical Issues with Research on Lack of Parental Involvement and Childrens Education
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Extract of sample "Ethical Issues with Research on Lack of Parental Involvement and Childrens Education"

Download file to see previous pages This essay stresses that teachers can decide to fail students who provide negative feedback, or the parents can punish their children, who are the most helpless of the three and need protection. The researchers must ensure the protection of privacy but at the same time inform subjects of the limits of confidentiality. There are risks involved that the researcher must realistically minimize, especially when using e-mail or keeping digital files, or when these channels are used to send or receive research data which could be compromised and affect the study’s objectivity.
This paper makes a conclusion that ethical issues of accuracy affect the whole study, from establishing parameters for measuring parental involvement and school performance to the interpretation and publication of the research findings. How would parental involvement be measured? This would require both objective (such as attendance to school activities or parents’ meetings) and subjective (degree of attention or participation in these gatherings) measures, and direct (tutoring for so many hours each day) and indirect (cooking nutritious meals and taking them with the children) methods of involvement. To add to the complexity of the topic, can a full-time parent who can tutor his son for an hour or two a day be ethically and objectively compared to a working parent who may not have the time and whose involvement is limited to sending her child motivational mobile phone messages a few minutes each afternoon? ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Ethical Issues With Research on Lack of Parental Involvement and Essay.
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