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A Study Of Using Cultura Project In Selected Universities In Saudi Arabia And Australia - Essay Example

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The cross cultural project was able to provide learners (and teachers alike) on both sides of the Atlantic a unique comparative, cross-cultural approach for gradually constructing knowledge of other values, attitudes, and beliefs, in an ever-widening approach to understand the foreign culture. …
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A Study Of Using Cultura Project In Selected Universities In Saudi Arabia And Australia
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"A Study Of Using Cultura Project In Selected Universities In Saudi Arabia And Australia"

Download file to see previous pages With the progress of the Cultura methodology in the joint American and French educational institutions, there is an incredibly large potential for the Cultura project to be applied in other educational institutions wishing to be integrated as well. This system of integration can be used by other educational institutions separated by culture as an active classroom system where students are left with the task of learning something while teachers are on stand-by for monitoring purposes. It is with this progress that this paper is founded on. This paper revolves around the analysis of utilizing the Cultura method in joining two different cultures like Arabic and English to be applied with the same treatment. This undertaking will not only verify the effectiveness of Cultura methodology and generality of the findings of Furstenberg, Levet, English & Maillet (2001) but also contribute to the legacy of educational institutions towards cultural literacy.
II. Statement of the Problem
The study is aimed at determining the effectiveness of the Cultura Project in selected universities within Saudi Arabia and Australia. In addition, the study also aims to determine what would be the effect on cultural literacy and integration between Saudi and Australian schools when they are connected via the Cultura Project. The study would also focus on several facets of the socio-economic grid that are primary or secondary factors to the Cultura Project. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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A Study Of Using Cultura Project In Selected Universities In Saudi Essay.
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