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Nowadays, learning has become interesting since one does not have to study in classroom setting thanks to distance learning. One is a position to study at his own schedule time using distance learning as learning material can be sent via the internet, CD-ROM or even video conferencing…
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Benefits of Distance Learning
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Running head: PRESENTATION ON THE BENEFITS OF DISTANCE LEARNING Benefits of Distance Learning Benefits of Distance Learning I. What is Distance Learning?
a) Separation by Distance.
1. This is a situation whereby teaching learning takes place while the teacher and
the students are separated by distance.
b) Delivery of Instructions.
1. This is a situation whereby the instructions are delivered to the student via
computer technology, video, print or voice.
c) Interactive Communication.
1. In distance learning the teacher received feedback to the students which could
be instant or delayed.
II. Distance Learning Divisions
a) Synchronous Delivery Type.
1. In this type of distance learning, the teacher and the students interact with each other instantly.
2. The instant interaction between the teacher and the student is facilitated by use of videoconferencing, audio conferencing and live internet chats.
b) Asynchronous Delivery Type.
1. In this type of distance learning, the interaction between the teacher and the students is not instant.
2. The delayed interaction between the teachers and the students is facilitated by use of video tapes, audio tapes, radio, email and CD-Rom.
III. Benefits of Distance Learning
a) Interactive Teamwork
1. The students are able to interact with other students hence a better teamwork resulting to higher exposure and experience.
2. There is interaction between students of different background.
b) More Learning Materials
1. Students have a greater access to online database materials from the experts.
2. Easy access to learning material other than finding them through catalogues in the library.
3. It fosters learning experience of distance learners due to more experts’ materials.
c) Time Factor and Financial Cost
1. One does not have to travel to the campus to learn.
2. One can learn while still working.
3. No extra cost of campus boarding, transport and living expenses in campus.
4. The learner is not separated from his social life and family.
Nowadays, learning has become interesting since one does not have to study in classroom
setting thanks to distance learning. One is a position to study at his own schedule time using distance learning as learning material can be sent via the internet, CD-ROM or even video conferencing. (Distance Learning College Guide, 2005)
Distance learning is associated with a number of benefits such as: Students have access to wide range of learning materials within seconds; one is exposed as he interact with other students in different background; reduced campus living expenses; one is not separated from his family and social lifestyle. (Florida Center for Instructional Technology, 1999)
Distance Learning College Guide (2005): Distance Learning Benefits, Retrieved on October 27,
2006 from
Florida Center for Instructional Technology (1999): A Teachers Guide to Distance Learning,
College of Education, University of South Florida Read More
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