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This study is based on the primary research. The respondents were parents and non-parents of children of primary school. Religion is a sensitive issue. The responses based on a structured questionnaire were collected for various factors of religious education. This data was analysed and presented…
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Download file to see previous pages As the discussion highlights education is a social system, which prepares and develops new members for the society. It is a process, which teaches them the social setting, morale and their expected behaviour in the society. It gives them an opportunity to choose their area of interest and develops them accordingly. From the research it is clear that religious education can support the personal, social and emotional development of child.Religion can be defined as a set of beliefs. It involves emotions and feelings. It has its own set of dogmas and practices. Through religion one tries to define the relations between himself and divinity. There has been a continuous debate on the importance of religion in everyone’s life. Many academicians and philosophers have presented different views on religion. There have been various definitions for religion given by various thinkers’ scholars and academicians. Religion has taken various shapes and forms in past few years with the development of civilisation. In various parts of world religion can be seen in different forms. There are certain things that are common in all the religion. These are things like existence of God, love for humanity, respect for each other, help the needy and many others. These things are more like an education for the proper living. These things teach us to live and adjust in the society to make the place worth living. Any religion never teaches fight, killing, disrespect for humanity and terrorism. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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