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This research proposal "International Education" has been done to analyse the effect of international students in a campus. In the era of globalisation, when the buzz word is internationalisation, it becomes an obvious need to accommodate people from various cultures…
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International Education
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Download file to see previous pages Countries which have the English speaking base, such as UK, USA and Australia are the most preferred destinations to get exposed to western education. When international students are accepted into the educational institution, the environment in the institution should be conducive to effective teaching learning process. There is a lot of impact on the domestic students and the learning environment caused by the international students and vice versa
The policy makers, educational administrators, teachers, students and the community at large should know the impact of the international students in the learning environment.
When international students are accepted in schools and universities the management of the institution should be prepared to provide the most congenial learning environment. The management should commit physical resources to provide the infrastructure which will benefit the learning process. But in many cases, the facilities and state of art infrastructure alone do not make help in facilitating the teaching learning process when international students become part of the classroom environment. The management should be flexible enough to adapt its policies to make both the international and domestic students work together. In this current research, an attempt is made to explore the impact of the international students on the learning environment and the study tries to highlight the role of leadership of the institution on the international students.
There are a number of studies which show the advantages of accepting international students. The main advantage is the opportunity to understand different cultures and different perspectives. For domestic students, the opportunity to share their educational experience with international students enriches their learning experience and broadens their outlook on life. Indeed, it has been found that domestic students recognize the personal and career benefits of having a network of colleagues from different countries (Pittaway, et al, 1998). Indeed, as Anyanwu (2004) succinctly opine, "The presence of international students on university campuses provides a unique social forum for enhancing all students' understanding and appreciation of the richness of other cultures". But on the other hand there are also some factors that have to be taken into account before international students are admitted into an educational institution.
Paul Barron (2004), in his study it found that there was a feeling of unfairness amongst domestic students and that somehow, international students were perceived as more valuable. This unfair perception is perhaps the most potentially dangerous and universities need address this issue through effective communication with domestic students, a more clear admissions process and a more focused emphasis on the importance of domestic students to the institution. This researcher considers that a more effective and blatant drive to determine domestic students' thoughts and feelings on this issue might be an effective first step in eradicating this perception. The study mentioned here is only highlights only one of the many factors that determine the achievement of the learning objectives when ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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