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This paper "National Curriculum Science" discusses the anticipated future of National Curriculum Science in the UK. It further focuses on what is meant by science inquiry in the UK National Curriculum and the impact that has been experienced in our schools…
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National Curriculum Science
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Download file to see previous pages  In the UK, national curriculum was introduced in England, Wales and Northern Ireland following the recommendation of Education Reform Act 1988. However, the independent schools do not follow the national wide curriculum as they are free to set their own curriculum. The National Curriculum is only applicable to state schools of the entire local education authorities. The Science Enquiry 1 came into existence after the introduction of the National Curriculum.
A basic curriculum of the national curriculum and religious education is required to be taught to all state students according to the Education Reform Act 1988. The main aim of the National Curriculum was to ensure that all pupils in the UK cover certain basic material and as time went on; all state schools had adopted the National Curriculum in their system.
Teachers are expected to set learning and teaching objectives that are challenging, realistic and relevant to the group they are teaching according to the Standards for the award of qualified teacher status. These objectives can be set by taking into consideration the level of the pupils, their expected achievement together with their current and past achievements.
The entire paper will discuss the intended missions and objectives of the National Curriculum Science in relation to Science Enquiry 1 especially in Key Stages 1 and 2.
A National Curriculum usually sets out a statutory entitlement that is supposed to be learned by all students attending state owned schools....
The entire paper will discuss the intended missions and objectives of the National Curriculum Science in relation to Science Enquiry 1 especially in Key Stages 1 and 2.
National Curriculum Science 1
A National Curriculum usually sets out a statutory entitlement that is supposed to be learnt by all students attending state owned schools. It has set target that are supposed to be achieved at the end of each key stage. The curriculum also states how the students are going to be accessed as far as performance is concerned and how the performance will be reported. For a National Curriculum to be effective it should be in a position of telling elaborating the kind of skills and knowledge that will be gained by students and this is useful information to parents, pupils, teachers and even employers.
Initially, England, Wales and Northern Ireland education system was governed by Butler Education Act 1994 which was replaced by Education Reform Act 1988 that was implemented in 1988. The following are the main provisions of Education Reform Act 1988.
By studying Science, the pupils are able to understand the nature of the universe hence they are in a position of understanding the world. When pupils at the foundation stage study science, they develop a crucial knowledge and skills that enable them to make sense of the real world. This facilitates them to learn other subjects in science such as ICT as they lay a good foundation that is necessary for their understanding.
At this stage, children have an opportunity of solving problems, do experiments, plan, make decisions, predict and ask question in a wider context. It is still at this stage that pupils ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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