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Enthusiasm and Ability to Motivate People - Essay Example

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This paper describes interests and personality, coupled with my Christian faith and love of people, that will enable me to contribute to the diversity of campus life. I believe that it is the study of law which will help me to make the world a better place…
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Enthusiasm and Ability to Motivate People
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Extract of sample "Enthusiasm and Ability to Motivate People"

 Looking back on the recent past, I find that my years in the U.S. as an undergraduate have had a profound impact on my thinking and my approach to life. I have been particularly struck by the contrast between the cultures of America and the Bahamas. While my heart will always bask in the warmth of the community life and the love of close-knit families back home, I am eternally grateful for my exposure to the ‘Great American Dream.’ The gift America has given me is the belief that change is possible and the confidence that the power to bring about this change lies within the reach of every individual.
My first love is people. From being a Youth Leader in church to throwing myself into my Sorority’s community services, such as ‘Meals on Wheels’ and workshops for children, I have learnt that there is nothing that can compare to the happiness which comes from having made a positive difference, however small, in another person’s life. I have also become increasingly aware of the chasms which separate people of different social and economic backgrounds and have witnessed the struggle of people striving to better their lives and failing only through the lack of opportunity, or the lack of education and awareness.
I consider my basic strength to be my enthusiasm and ability to motivate people and push them into giving of their best. I am passionate about immigration, human rights and, above all, the empowerment of women and children. I owe this legacy to my mother who, as a single parent and self-made entrepreneur in the Bahamas, pushed me and my three siblings to excel, to be independent and never ceased to emphasize the importance of education as the path to success. She is my living role model, who embodies the resilience and talent that lies, often untapped, in every woman. I have decided that my life will focus on the empowerment of women in Third World countries through healthcare, education and the achievement of self-sufficiency in food. I am particularly impressed by the success of Third World women’s Self Help Groups, where the member’s inherent talents have been efficiently harnessed to generate money.
Of course, dreams can become reality only through hard work. I have realized that I must equip myself with the means to become a genuine, truly effective agent of change. In my reckoning, the most powerful medium of change in today’s world is undisputedly the law. I concede that there are a myriad ways of doing good, from voluntary work, to living in a village and educating the farmers on sustainable crop culture. However, I have decided that the only way to bring about enduring, equitable justice and fair play in the world is through the law. When the law of the land is directed towards ensuring a level playing field for all its citizens, society will, maybe slowly, evolve to meet that requirement of the law. I aim to gain a thorough knowledge of the law, the expertise to change the law for the better and to apply my insights to effect the upliftment of people who have started off with handicaps of class, economy and sex. I am particularly inclined towards International Law.
I bring to my new environment my enthusiasm and interest in people of different cultures and backgrounds and my own unique experiences in making the best of the Bahamas and the U.S. by incorporating the best of both worlds into my life, while remaining true to myself. I am confident that my years at Law School will give me the academic qualifications I need to pursue my goals in life. At the same time I believe that my interests and personality, coupled with my Christian faith and love of people, will enable me to contribute to the diversity of campus life. I believe that it is the study of law which will help me to make the world a better place. Read More
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