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Law School Admission - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Looking back on the recent past, I find that my years in the U.S. as an undergraduate have had a profound impact on my thinking and my approach to life. I have been particularly struck by the contrast between the cultures of America and the Bahamas. While my heart will always bask in the warmth of the community life and the love of close-knit families back home, I am eternally grateful for my exposure to the 'Great American Dream.' The gift America has given me is the belief that change is possible and the confidence that the power to bring about this change lies within the reach of every individual.
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Law School Admission Admission/Application Essay
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"Law School Admission"

Download file to see previous pages I have also become increasingly aware of the chasms which separate people of different social and economic backgrounds and have witnessed the struggle of people striving to better their lives and failing only through the lack of opportunity, or the lack of education and awareness.
I consider my basic strength to be my enthusiasm and ability to motivate people and push them into giving of their best. I am passionate about immigration, human rights and, above all, the empowerment of women and children. I owe this legacy to my mother who, as a single parent and self-made entrepreneur in the Bahamas, pushed me and my three siblings to excel, to be independent and never ceased to emphasize the importance of education as the path to success. She is my living role model, who embodies the resilience and talent that lies, often untapped, in every woman. I have decided that my life will focus on the empowerment of women in Third World countries through healthcare, education and the achievement of self-sufficiency in food. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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