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The Difference between Essay and a Dissertation - Assignment Example

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The author explains the main differences between an essay and a dissertation. The author also set out the conditions under which the given topics would be suitable and explains why they are not suitable. Then the author finds topics related to theories of HRM at Liverpool University Online Library.   …
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The Difference between Essay and a Dissertation
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Extract of sample "The Difference between Essay and a Dissertation"

Download file to see previous pages Smith (2004) describes "the primary function of an essay is to improve skills in argumentation, or the process of reasoning methodically" in schools and universities.
Dissertations are named differently cross borders and cross academic institutions for example; they are called extended essay, and thesis (White, 2007 p.1), and they are referred to as a long piece of independent work presented by most undergraduate business and management degree students ( White, 2007 p.1) as their final assessed work. Dissertations work requires in-depth research in areas of independent work of students that unlike essay students create their own question for study and work with the experienced advisor to find answers to overall research topics (Smith, 2004) and it has to be presented in acceptable academic standards (White, 2007). The most distinctive of the dissertation should be named as its requirement of originality (Smith, 2004).
The conditions that topics could be accessed for suitability listed by Brian White can be summarized in a more condensed list of three areas as; (a) interest (b) suitability and (c) resources. The simple measurement mechanism can be introduced by measuring the scale of (a) robust, (b) fit and (c) unfit rating against the summarized three areas.
Interest is unfit since my knowledge, experience and course of study has been around human resources, leadership and this topic requires macro and microeconomic studies and geopolitical knowledge and interest.
Furthermore, the suitability of the topic can be examined by depth and breadth of topic and accessibility and availability of resources and information. The next hundred years into the future and the breadth of the area of competition between Europe and China reveal the unfitted topic for a dissertation work of the graduate school.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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