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Computers in Education - Essay Example

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There has been increasing use of ICT in the world in the recent times. ICT has been applied in all spheres of life which means that there is need for the world to come up with proper strategies which will ensure that there is access for ICT facilities to all people in the world…
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Computers in Education
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"Computers in Education"

Download file to see previous pages This has been on the way different people in the world access the ICT facilities and the time at which they are introduced to ICT in their age. It has been one of the proposed ways of achieving equality through inclusive education.
The age of introduction of ICT has been one of the most debatable issues in the world especially in the education sector. There are various legislation that have been proposed introduce to ensure that that is timely introduction of ICT education to children. It is expected that if there is the introduction of the ICT at the same age, it would help to deal with some of the challenge that have been faced by the use of ICT especially in the education sector. This report will review role of ICT in developing the early year's curriculum and the way in which it can help children in early childhood education. (Smith 2007, 409)
The use of computers in educating young children has been one of the most critical issues that have been attracting a lot of public debate. There have been arrangements on the role that ICT can play in the education of the young children in school or at home. This has been attributed to the level effects that have been observed on children who start using computers early in life especially when it comes to the health effects. As such most of the debates have been grounded on the recommended age at which a child can be introduced to computers.
Many of the researches that have been carried out do not recommend use of computer by children who are 3 years and below. It has been argued that computers do not match their learning style and therefore they are likely to be negatively impacted by the use of computers. According to the learning theories it has been show that children who are under three years learn using their bodies using different parts like eyes, mouth, hands, legs, and other body parts. Though they may be addicted to returning over and over an activity, there is usually a high level of body movement, which changes it focus frequently. Computers are therefore not good choice for the developmental skills that these children are mastering like crawling, talking, walking, and others like making friends. (Haugland 2002, p. 13)
Therefore the age at which computer are introduced to the child is very imprint since it determines the effect that it will have on the child. From the age of three a child has been show to have an increased interest in the use of computers and seem to learn a lot form them. What need to be done is that there is need to come up with an appropriate computer activity that fit the learning and developmental needs of these children. It has been shown that computers have an impact on the children when they produce a concrete experiences, when children have free access and control the learning experience and when they are given the necessary help and support as regards the use of these devices. Therefore the way computers will be used for a 3-4 year child will be different from the way it will be used for a kindergarten and a child for the primary grades. This is due to difference in developmental and learning needs of the age groups. (Wetzel 1995, p. 12)
Use of computer in the early year curriculum
One of the things that we need to come in terms with is that children are surrounded by ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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