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In the paper “Major taste of technology or advancements of the world” the author describes his first major taste of technology or advancements of the world. Though technology is not only limited to computers but his first interaction with technology was way back…
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Major taste of technology or advancements of the world
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Major taste of technology or advancements of the world
My name is Pierre Girard Geeter. I was born in Newark, New Jersey but I have lived in Atlanta since I was 8 years old. The last school I attended was Frederick Douglass High School, which is about 10 minutes away from More house College. During my journey through Frederick Douglass High School, I learned how to work a computer. In the beginning computer was not more than a piece of entertainment for me as I used to play games, surf the Internet, do chatting and other stuff. Later as I matured and gained more knowledge I was able to explore the constructive and more useful side of a computer I learned to use the basic tools needed in today's society on the computer. These tools included learning how to type, do power points, work excel, and surf the Internet for information. This is how I got my first major taste of technology or advancements of the world. Though technology is not only limited to computers but my first interaction with technology was way back when I first used the telephone later I also had the opportunity to use a cell phone which is another great leap by humans in communication technology and is still developing rapidly.
In my opinion, technology is the development used by humans, in which they modify nature to meet their needs and wants. Most people, however, think of technology in terms of its artifacts, such as computers and software, aircraft, pesticides, water-treatment plants, birth-control pills, and microwave ovens, to name a few. But technology is more than these tangible products in my opinion. Technology has shaped the present of the human race, it is the key to development and growth. God gifted us with a prize named nature so now it’s our duty to explore it and modify it in a sense that it helps us in numerous ways. Many including me sense that technology will help the humans in future for solving great complex phenomenon that are unexplained so far. Technology will also help in curing diseases that have no cure yet and also help humans to explore this universe that God has made.
As I mentioned about curing diseases I would like to discuss the impacts of technology on my profession that is dentistry. The involvement of technology has been great in this field. A dentist can’t carry out his or her medical procedures on patients without the help of technology. We need special tools and instruments to deal with the sensitive and minute complicated design of a mouth. The reason being the difficulty of access into a mouth by human hands. The impact of technology is basically a positive one that has changed the way we use to work before. Technology has enabled us to solve more complex issues related to teeth and gum problems. Problems like cleaning the plaque from teeth have become easier with the use of new machines. I would like to conclude by mentioning the fact that technology has changed the way humans live and its positives overlap the negatives it has.

Hugh Devlin. Operative Dentistry: A Practical Guide to Recent Innovations. Springer. (May 11, 2006). Read More
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