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Dimensions and Diversity in Primary Science - Essay Example

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This is a modern age where technology and the requirement for innovation are gaining more and more importance everyday. The study of science is therefore important for all those students who have the spark, who are more curious about the whole world around them…
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Dimensions and Diversity in Primary Science
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Download file to see previous pages The N.C offers varieties of subjects to choose Art and design, Citizenship, Design and technology, English, Geography, History, ICT, Mathematics, Modern foreign languages, Music education & Science.
The aim of the N.C is to focus more on the qualities of the skill they need to posses in order to be more successful in school and higher learning. The curriculum offered should enable all young people to establish themselves as follows:
The N.C gives a lot of importance to the development of Personality in school this is because so that young people are assisted in their morals, cultural, academic development which will be more focused on their needs no matter which social class they belong to. They learn to achieve higher standard of living and learn to enjoy the whole learning experience even making them much more responsible individuals. Personal learning and Enhancing thinking techniques are given more importance as it will help them to be a better civilian, manager, parent or even a life partner. In order to plan an effective curriculum for the children, it should be more focused on the personal development. Not forgetting that each employee of the school can effectively contribute toward the child's development. Educating children will allow them to have a brighter future plan so in order for this to happen they need to develop important skills that will make their quality of life and employment opportunity much better. This would include those skills that transmit to learning or other skills which are more generic or which are convenient. This will help them to be more creative, reflective learner, solution finders and work in teams and in order to be successful they will also learn to transmit their ideas , that is communicate more efficiently. The N.C is basically focused on (PLTS) that is development of personal, learning and thinking skills. And along with this polishing of basic skills like English, Mathematics and information technology is given utmost importance. (13 May 2008.). key stage 3& 4. Retrieved January 1, 2009, from Skills Website, )
Since Science is now an important subject much light is given on it by the National Curriculum. It focuses on energy, electricity and forces and their effects on shape and motion and the variety of electric current in circuits it also focuses on Material behavior of atom and its physical properties, elements and compounds. The national curriculum for science also focuses on the life process, biology, fertilization, growth development and also the harmful effects of drugs on humans and also how ones behavior maybe influenced by external and internal factors. Finally, it help learn about the whole universe, that would be all the planets and how human activity brings about other changes in the environment.
The new-fangled curriculum which is now been formulated ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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