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Managing Diversity in British Schools - Essay Example

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British schools have students from various religious backgrounds, cultures and regions of the world. These students belonging to diverse backgrounds are involved into many problems that they face everyday. Students from ethnic minorities face problem of racism which could result in students' under-achievement…
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Managing Diversity in British Schools
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Download file to see previous pages Instead of segregation they could be taught in conventional schools with teachers pointing their weak areas. The Government needs to provide resources to schools of the minorities and ensure that they do not undergo racial abuse by teachers and fellows. Therefore these boys seem to need special attention from their teachers and proper care, love and support from their parents which could be obtained by training.
This paper intends to highlight the reporting of standards of achievement and behavior in British Schools while finding out the reasons for the problems of blacks in Britain face. Three articles taken from different sources were analyzed and the findings from those are given below.
In this article, Trevor Phillips, the chairman of the Commission for Racial Equality, plans to deal with the under- achievement of the black students. It is known that there has been two times as many blacks in prison as there are studying in the university. In order to increase their achievement level it is believed that they should be taught separately from the white students and it is also essential to have parental support. He said that "The Windsor Fellowship", which is mainly for ethnic minority children, have mentored their students excellently that 100% of their students passed with good GCSE grades in London while 75% in Birmingham last year.
Keith Va
Keith Vaz, the Labour MP for Leicester East, criticized and fears that this would further enhance the segregation and lead to encouraging the feeling of being different. He says that the normal schools should provide additional help required by the failing minority students.

Phillips believes that poverty is neither the reason for the poor performance of the black boys, nor white people regarding them as inferior. As their sisters perform well so does the Chinese and Indian students who also suffer from discrimination as perform far better than black boys. [7]

Objectivity or Interest of the Writers
The writer cares about the welfare of the students of the ethnic minorities and suggests ways of improving their educational achievements especially those of the black boys, who seem to be spending their lives in prison, mainly by segregating schools but believes that racial discrimination is not the reason for their poor performance.

The writer believes that poverty is not the major reason behind the low achievement but it is actually under-employment which is the main reason. The black boy after graduation do not get job up to their capabilities which is seen by children and is believed that education is not the solution. Hence they indulge in crime which seems manlier than education. [6]

The major reason for the black boys performing low is the racial abuse in the schools which needs to be stopped as it results not only in poor results but dropping out of schools. This eventually leads them to commit illegal act like robbery and drug trafficking. Hence every student should be welcomed and diversity should be accepted in schools especially by the white teachers and students. [4]

The minorities and blacks students must have seen their parents work so hard and their employer's under-utilizing their skills, leaving them to dwell in poverty. Hence it leaves an impression on ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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