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In a reflective analysis of the term literature, one comes across two layers of meaning. In its broad sense, literature refers to any text or arrangement of words that conveys meaning, whereas the narrow sense of the term refers to texts such as stories, novels, poetry, and essays…
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Benefits of Reading and Studying Literature
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Benefits of Reading and Studying Literature In a reflective analysis of the term literature, one comes across two layers of meaning. In its broad sense, literature refers to any text or arrangement of words that conveys meaning, whereas the narrow sense of the term refers to texts such as stories, novels, poetry, and essays. Irrespective of how we describe literature, the three most common reasons for studying literature are pleasure and enjoyment, obtaining information and developing our knowledge. First of all, literature provides us pleasure and enjoyment and most people read literature for this reason. By dipping into the rich variety of novels, stories, poems, and plays etc, a reader achieves great pleasure and the kind of entertainment that allows him to use his imagination to visualize the story within his own mind. The endless supply of horrors, mysteries, comedies, and tragedies has contributed to the development and progress of the societies and cultures. Secondly, literature makes immense contribution to the improvement of one's knowledge sphere by providing information about various aspects of life. Literature unlocks the culture of the past to the contemporary readers provides the modern society wisdom about life. "Critical thinking skills can be strengthened through the reading of literature, and literature invites students to learn about new cultures. Furthermore, literature can teach students to learn more about themselves and about their own culture." (Irvine, 72) Thus, literature allows one interpret one's own life and emotions and contributes to the growth of humanity. Thirdly, literature helps one in improving one's knowledge and functions as a system of learning. Literature gives room for personal interpretation and such a personalized reading can ensure the best transmission of knowledge. Therefore, literature ahs great influences on the improvement of personal life as well as the development of the societies and it reminds us of the incredible richness of our culture.
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Irvine, Colin C. Teaching the novel across the curriculum: a handbook for educators. Greenwood Publishing Group. 2007. P 72. Read More
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