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The Nature of Theory - Essay Example

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The author of this essay under the title "The Nature of Theory" thoroughly discusses why people need to be able to think in theoretical terms. As the text has it, theories are considered as particular intellectual explanations as to how and why things occur…
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The Nature of Theory
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Extract of sample "The Nature of Theory"

Download file to see previous pages Most of the time, people think within the box suggesting the idea that they tend to understand matters simply based upon the utilization of their sight and their hearing sense. It could be noticed though that simply thinking within this box limits the capability of people to see only what they can and not that of those that they could perceive.
It has been mentioned through time by psychologists and philosophers that a person who is able to think outside the box and see the whole context as well as the elemental factors contributing to the occurrence of an event or the emergence of a particular matter, is someone who could possibly be able to give birth to the options of the different procedures of development that the whole population of the human society could actually be thankful for. The question is, how could theoretical thinking be handled well One is that of the application of strategic thinking.
It is innate among humans to be fascinated by the different things that they particularly see around them. It could not be denied then that through the years, this particular fascination within the different elements that could be seen in the human environment actually developed into the many discoveries and inventions that humans produced. Through passing civilization of humans, it could be observed that the people were never contented with what they already have or what they have already accomplished. This is especially true in terms of science and technology as well as in arts and literature. It is indeed undeniable that people recreate the things that are already existent within their own society. The fact that they have already been able to see what they could do regarding a certain type of field, they intend to even do better the next time that they deal with the same invention. Yes, humans never get tired of reinventing everything there is in the environment. Why is this so
Human intelligence has always been noted by philosophers as the primary factor that makes human creation different from that of the other God-made creations. The humans' ability to innovate their own achievements to even better results for the present generation to see, has particularly noted them to be those who are capable of reinventing themselves to be able to evolve from generations to generations.
It is through this that people become more aware of the world around them, they cared more than ever with the political agendas, the social issues as well as other information that concern their interests. True, the changing situation in the society and the demand towards progress requires that human intelligence be perfected in a way that it particularly caters to the needs of the entire humanity. The human brain's ability to store and restructure information that was accepted by it through the years of an individual's life is particularly a proof that the application of humans' intelligence could still be perfected as generations are still to come along.
On Personal Evaluation of Learning Process
As a person, having a consumer style knowledge individual has paid many benefits for the author of this paper. The willingness to comprehend with the information that are being presented to me accordingly actually allows me to become strongly coordinated and connected with the society that he is living in. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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