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Partake in the Masters of Liberal Studies Program - Admission/Application Essay Example

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The author of the essay “Partake in the Masters of Liberal Studies Program” names Criminal Justice a great course for his career. It is much related to the graduate program he is determined to master. He is ready to master the course program remotely, as he is confident in his self-discipline…
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Partake in the Masters of Liberal Studies Program
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Download file to see previous pages My first goal, and is a personal one, is to mentally challenge myself in a higher mode of learning program wherein I could stretch the limits of my intellectual abilities. I believe that enriching the mind should be a long, continuous process. It should start the day we are born and should last until the end of our days.
In my case, it is my individual goal to further enrich my knowledge and improve my learning about this world in general, and how it works in all aspects, whether socially, politically, or naturally.
Vocationally, this advanced field of studies would help me in my current profession. Full understanding this place we live in and everything else in it, courtesy of this higher course I propose to take, will eventually help me understand the society, its trends, and how the people in it behave. These points will surely help me in my trade to effectively do more, as well as to perform in my respective field of skill accordingly.
In the field of formal education, on the other hand, the Masters in Liberal Studies program would definitely take me into a much higher level than that of the baccalaureate degree I already gained. What I learned from that course is purely on the professional level. This time, I mean to broaden my schooling. I intend to earn this Masters Degree, mainly to raise my achievements as a scholar, as a legitimate part of the academic world. This is my first step in reaching higher intellectual heights, and this is going to be one of the many steps I aim to make in my educational path and career. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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