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Businss Education - Essay Example

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Businss is putting grtr mphsis on th kinds of knowldg tht contribut to nlyticl cpcity, to brdth nd flxibility of mind, nd to th bility to cop with tchnologicl, socil, conomic, nd politicl nvironmnt. Dspit th fct tht businss still hs dmnd for spcilizd knowldg, th dmnd for spcilizd trining for th lowr positions in mngmnt is tnding to diminish, nd th dmnd for highr ordr of spcilizd knowldg nd tchnicl skills is tnding to incrs…
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Businss Education
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Download file to see previous pages So which disciplins nd skills r th most importnt Th most imprtiv skills r nlyticl bility, judgmnt, skill in intrprsonl rltions, th bility to ccpt rsponsibility nd to mk dcisions, gnrl dministrtiv skills (including th cpcity to ld othrs, to pln, to orgniz nd dlgt), brdth nd flxibility of mind, imgintion, fcility in prsonl communiction, nd strong prsonl motivtion. Ths qulitis r not ndd in prcisly th sm combintion for vry typ of position nd for ll kinds of crrs in businss. But, prticulrly for th highr dministrtiv positions, thy sm to b th qulitis tht nd most to b mphsizd.
With th incrsing complxity of businss oprtions, th nd for stff spcilists is incrsing, t th sm tim tht thr continus to b n insistnt dmnd for bl dministrtors. Mny studnts will find tht thy cn mk thir most significnt contribution in stff positions. Howvr, th growing nd will b for mn with high lvl of nlyticl bility nd with sophistictd commnd of nlyticl nd rsrch tools drivd from th fundmntl disciplins. Sound trining in th physicl nd socil scincs nd in mthmtics nd sttistics, combind with th bility to pply ths tools to businss problms, is bcoming much mor importnt thn dtild knowldg of currnt prctic or th cquisition of routin skills. Ths conclusions gin ddd strngth from th fct tht similr findings r bing pplid in othr brnchs of duction. closly rltd illustrtion is th movmnt of som of th lding nginring schools towrd n "nginring-scinc" pproch nd wy from n mphsis on spcilizd tchniqus.
Th scond qulifiction riss out of th wid vrition in th bilitis of thos who sk businss duction. Unfortuntly, mny who r dmittd to businss schools do not hv th kinds of qulifictions mphsizd bov, nd mny do not hv th mntl bility to cquir th nlyticl tools tht r incrsingly ncssry. Ths studnts will nvr ris fr in th businss world. But vn ths studnts will bnfit most from n mphsis in collg on th bsic nlyticl tools, on th fundmntls of businss dministrtion nd conomics, nd on good gnrl duction.
Th long-trm nds of businss nd th crr nds of th studnt rquir tht mphsis b plcd on th kinds of fundmntl knowldg nd bsic skill dvlopmnt dscribd in this nd th prcding chptr. Spcil trining for th first job is justifid only if it cn b don without intrfring with this mor importnt objctiv. Sinc th tim studnt hs in collg, vn if grdut yr or two r ddd, is scrcly sufficint for this brodr objctiv, th opportunitis for prpring th studnt for his first job r svrly rstrictd. This will bcom lss srious problm s businss incrsingly ccpts th rsponsibility for this initil trining.
brod curriculum mphsizing gnrl principls, fundmntl knowldg, nd brdth of viw dos not prpr th studnt for th routin nd dtil tht r likly to chrctriz his rly yrs in businss. H must lrn to ccpt th routin nd to bnfit from it. Wht h hs lrnd must b lbortd by xprinc bfor h is rdy for th highr lvls of mngmnt. frqunt complint by businssmn ginst th products of prticulrly th bst known grdut schools is tht "thy ll wnt to b vic-prsidnts tomorrow." Mor nd wisr counsling cn hlp with this problm. mor plntiful us of css nd problms tkn from th lowr lvls of mngmnt cn lso hlp.
It is importnt to strss th nd for knowldg tht would id th businssmn in dling ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Businss Education Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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