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Mathematical Thinking - Essay Example

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Mathematics is usually regarded as the curriculum of the correct and appropriate answer. The most important question is how can one reinforce credence and assessment in the student that he is on the conventional path while working on a specific problem and the student is meliorate his mathematical problem-solving and communication qualities…
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Mathematical Thinking
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Extract of sample "Mathematical Thinking"

Download file to see previous pages Students are gestated to cultivate problem-solving skills that includes problem defining, prescribing inferences, and canvassing the accuracy of solutions
Students should be involved in sense making. One should teach mathematics as if it were an ill-structured discipline: a domain in which multiple inferences, polemics, and controversial issues are called for and genuine. In the first step in expressing their mathematical thinking in words, they normally do not follow very specific language. Learning to think mathematically obligates some interposed strategies in order to bridge the gap between student's ordinary language and the language of mathematics. Teachers nudge in strengthen the mathematical thinking of student make a gamut, fluctuating from more direct methods in which the teacher gives an answer, a substantiation, or a leading question, to less direct methods that facilitate and simplify students to develop their thinking mechanism or to reverberate on their queries and acumen. Some examples of less direct methods to enhance mathematical thinking are non-leading questions, summarizing a discussion, connecting ideas, and problem-solving steps to be taken; and the use of wait-time, in which a teacher masquerade a query and gives appropriate time for the student to just go through and elaborate his or her reasoning. Each of these inferences has the potential to assist students to conclude that they have the ability to develop logic, and that they too can think and act mathematically.
Even the most expedition-oriented teacher acquaints students to available provisions in order to accomplish the needs avowed by students. The teacher can posture as a connoisseur member of a collaborative learning community, one who has resources to bring to bear on an inquiry. Responsiveness is a key value to reinforce discourse. When students are steering an inquiry, the teacher can be an acting tribunal and confidence builder. Another contour of responsiveness and impressionable includes recognizing student's misbelieves related to the questions they put. In such circumstances one might give an answer, but the more constructive response may be a follow-up question that rummages the postulations or consequences that led to the misguided query. This policy has two purposes: (a) it gives the students involved a opportunity to show on their own thinking, and (b) it alludes onus for a question to the student who asked it. A student requires learning a technique to answer, "Why did you raise that query" -- and this is absolutely defiance at first, because the activity is so reflexive and the presumptions are usually taken for granted. In this type of circumstances, a carefully drafted question can give students to refresh their thinking process and ask themselves whether an answer or a procedure they have used is sensible. Such queries are part of a strategy that ministers to dodge delegations from the teacher to the student.
One standard in the classroom session that can be adopted explicitly is the anticipation that students are accountable to convalesce their problem solving techniques and should be queried continuously ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Mathematical Thinking Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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