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Education - Article Example

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Education is supposed to be meritocratic in nature and the means through which people break through the cumbersome social barriers of class and privilege. Is it true that education is meritocratic and based upon the notion that education allows people to advance, progress and move forward in life' A basic premise of the sociology of education is that it promotes greater equality and is based upon merit and equal opportunity for all…
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Education Article
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Extract of sample "Education"

Download file to see previous pages Incredibly, educational opportunities were denied to more than 50% of the population for centuries. The sociology of education emphatically argues that public schooling and universal education promotes social equality, social cohesion and is characterised by opportunities for progress and social growth. A fundamental underpinning of the sociology of education is that it is meritoocratically based and that it promotes great equality. Now that educational access has expanded across this country, is it true that education promotes social equality and is based upon the merits of individual students'
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Education Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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Sex Education in America

...act of intercourse, and the textbook education they have received on it do not seemed to be linked at all1. A better option would indeed be to sit them down and explain to them in moral or practical terms what they need to know about sex. Knowing the stages in the 28 days of ovulation did not benefit that 16 year old pregnant girl in the clinic, but perhaps if that girl who had remarked over hoping child-birth did not hurt as much as sex, had been told how to say no or avoid doing something she clearly never enjoyed doing, she wouldn't be in the position that she currently was. Teachers should sit students down and explain to them the social aspects of teenage pregnancies, explain the possible 'solutions' one relies on...
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Aesthetics in Education

... learned. They could use the question, “How is this…an example of…?” To explain some of the things they learned on the scavenger hunt. The questions that the must read in order to understand where to look for items helps them in problem solving and in applying the information they receive to produce the result of finding the object. The end of this game can be used to show the significance of what they did as it applies to other things they have learned. Teachers must be able to help them practice taking information that they have or that they learn and applying it to something in their own experience. References Parsons, Michael J. and Blocker, H. Gene. (1993). Aesthetics and Education. Urbana: University of Illinois Press....
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Access to Higher Education

... targets with regards to higher education. In other words, the report underscores the important role played by the private sector in attainment of the Australian’s government to improve access to higher education. The government has set targets to drastically increase the number individuals with at least bachelor level credentials. For example, the government aims to increase the number of adults with a university degree to 40 percent by the year 2025. This calls for an increase from 32 percent in 2009 to 40 percent in 2015 (Access Economics, 2010:6). Under previous targets, the attainment rate was expected to be 34 percent. The report points out that skilled migration is expected to give rise to over 240, 000 graduates and this mounts...
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Education High School Article

...not imparted by the teacher but should be developed by giving activities which enables students to think. The article stresses that so often, students are given the materials containing the information which they should memorize robbing them of the time to really develop their mental abilities. In essence, the article emphasizes that the role of the teacher is to "elicit from the pupil what is latent" in every human being and this is the rule of reason. Instead of being sausages, it sees pupils as oysters and the teachers duty is for the finest pearls to develop from within. Response: With my current point of view, the article is an eye-opener for me. Having believed all my life that students are empty sausages where education is...
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Parent-Adolescent Relationship Education

... teen pregnancy and spread of STDs, which has seen a rise in figures for the last few decades. In this study, the parent-ward combinations have been divided into two groups, one following the experimental education (social learning) pattern of imparting sex education, and the other using the traditional didactic teaching approach which involves the use of excessive instructional methods. The latter group serves as the control for assessing the most beneficial results obtained in subsequent years between the two approaches. Reinforcement of learned skills and knowledge are assessed by conducting three post program sessions at intervals of six months each. The study’s focus, though initially proposed as a comparison between two approaches...
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The Demise of Colonial Education

... present in these colonies is there role, significance and relevance. At the same time, how this system of education that is colonized and patterned after the colony is regarded to be an education for the underdeveloped; a manifestation of underdevelopment of a certain nation? These are predicaments that must be understood and assessed carefully especially in the context of African nations who have experienced colonization like other countries in other parts of the world. All of them share the same experiences being colonized. In line with the points raised in the preceding part of this paragraph, there will also be an assertion of what seems to be the plausible solution to address the direful system of education. First thing that must...
5 Pages(1250 words)Article

Technology Use in Special Education: Assistive Technology the Universal Design for Learning (UDL), which is more of a philosophy and involves models of learning, products and methods to enhance educational experience of diverse learners. The Assistive Technology (AT), originally created by the Schwab Learning and program by the Charles and Helen Schwab Foundation, is built into educational element. There are high possibilities of customizing it to enable learners with disabilities achieve success with the curriculum (Ross, 2012, p.96). Notably, this technology enhances self-reliance especially by the learners who would otherwise rely heavily on the parents, siblings and friends to assist with homework and other assignments. On the bleak side, however, this...
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The Reinvention of Education

...the students to make their own mistakes and learn on their own with mere “guidance” from their online educators. Indeed, education has reached a focal point where traditional educations might see the emerging educational platforms as a form of “creative Destruction” while the forward thinkers and future innovators see an avenue of education that will allow for much more development and freedom of learning for the students, at a far lower cost that normally expected. Therefore, it is not right to tag the term “Creative Destruction” on online education and its supporters. For as long as people the world over have a chance to access...
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Multicultural Education

... cultures are still new to the issue of ethnicity and racism and hence are the best people to be provided with multicultural education for the future of the nation. These students who are from various communities should be imparted with important knowledge such as of eliminating stereotypes and any behavior that is prejudicial. They can also be taught to embrace positive self-image of themselves and that of other as well. With the students being made to think about freedom and justice at all times, they are bound to have increased cultural awareness as well as intercultural awareness. This will mean that they will aim at creation of a safe and free environment for people to learn and reflect positively about the multiple histories...
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Analysis of Early Childhood Education in New Zealand

...and adaptability, an interest in creativity and in other cultures, and skills in communication, problem-solving and lateral thinking (cited by Page). Research in America as well as New Zealand have demonstrated that education is the formative years determines how the child fares later in education. Success in the secondary school examinations is not based only on the education and support that the child receives in the final year at school (EI, 2005). Brain development of the child occurs in the first six years and a positive stimulation of brain lays the foundation. The ability to learn, to develop the language skills, and to interact with others is all based on the foundation in the...
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Self Handicapping in School Physical Education: Influence of Motivational Climate

...into the excuses that are deliberately used by the students so as to prevent exposure of their qualitative worth as they see it. Summary of the article ‘Self handicapping in school physical education: Influence of motivational climate’, jointly written by Standage, Treasure, Hooper and Kuczka, is highly relevant in the present climate of fast changing global environment. A short study was conducted with 70 British School students (36 female and 34 male), in context of physical education and their self handicapping attribute was evaluated under socially controlled environment. Goal achievement was open to situational self handicapping and randomly selected students were divided into two groups. Goal...
6 Pages(1500 words)Article

Dyspraxia and Issues with Physical Education

... in sports. This confusion is more in cases of mild dyspraxics who are able to improve and do well with some amount of appropriate training and modulation. Inability to cope up with daily routines, poor performance in academics and physical fitness sessions and the stress of interventions, comments from peer groups and frustrations contribute to social isolation and psychological consequences in these children. This article deals with evaluation and analysis of issues and trends in physical education in children with dyspraxia, recognition of social processes and psychological issues in these children and whether these children should be segregated or included in physical education and sports. Discussion Developmental dyspraxia...
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Obama's Education Plan

..., and education. The issues can only be overcome by integrating all the citizens (Organizing on the issues, n.d.). Barrack Obama, forty-fourth President of United States, and Joe Biden, forty-seventh Vice-President of United States, are of opinion that providing a world-class education is a solution to facing several challenges of the country, and that top level public schools gives the way towards global opportunity, high-standard profession and strong local organizations. Although there are better schools in U.S., one thing which the state can do is to provide education to the children by initiating successful programs so that they become the benchmark within the country. Aspiring...
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Bilingual Education Act in the USA

... and social factors. Despite the English only movements of the past and present, immigrants still came to the United States speaking their native languages. English education for naturalized citizens and their children that spoke English as a second language was needed in schools. In 1968 the Bilingual Education Act (BEA) (Del Valle 2003) was passed with the intent of teaching students enough English to succeed in the American educational structure (226). English taught under the current BEA system does not replace the native language. Sanchez and Sanchez (2009) explain: The existing system has sought to provide limited English proficient (LEP) children cognitive development in their first language as they acquire social...
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History of Special Education

.... Theorizing has not helped much according to Dewey (1920, 189-199). John Dewey was an educational philosopher who spoke of “progressive education” and was against the teaching of objective knowledge (Stolyarov II, 2008). His ideas have greatly influenced the teaching system in American schools. He believed that children should not be abruptly introduced to subjects like reading and writing before exploiting their social nature. Mere learning of true facts will be violating the natural ability of the children (Stolyarov II, 2008). The general changes in school education and social sciences have been instrumental in the development of special education (Thomas et al, 2007,...
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Education as a Process

... is singing a snatch of song or even the father saying what comes into his head" (Rodriguez 517). Rodriguez decides to escape his current learning environment and take a step to adapt to another system. This paper will briefly talk about education as a process as it is displayed in Rodriguez school life story. Education as a Process In the story, Rodriguez puts trust in the classroom environment compared to the trust that he places in the home environment in his learnig process. He reports this in his statement, "what mattered to me was that my parents were not like my teachers" (Rodriguez 520). He further goes ahead and says that his parents were a perfect example of what he did not need to be in the future. While in school, the author...
6 Pages(1500 words)Article
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