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University of California - Personal Statement Example

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Learning is a valuable thrust that will drive by goals towards attainment. My desire to learn is established as evidenced by my achievements and potentials. I have been inclined to hone my skills in the field of Engineering. …
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University of California
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Extract of sample "University of California"

Download file to see previous pages I am part of a learning group that serves as foundation of out of class education.

Before knocking at the doors of educational institutions, I ensure that the schools I am interested to enroll have the best standards. Given my skills and inclination to learn further, I have to be in University that embodies credibility and excellence. Moreover, the school needs to emanate its values and disseminate to the students. Among the schools, University of California (UC) satisfies all the criteria. Indeed, UC has the reputation of producing great leaders and difference makers in the society. I believe that the school will serve as the most viable avenue for me to show my capabilities and skills beyond my expertise.

It is my tenure at the Long Beach Polytechnic High School is the most noticeable. The high school that I have attended is one of the best in the area offering top notch education. Despite of the challenging environment, I have responded well and delivered in several occasion. The learning schemes offered by the school have given me the opportunity to enhance my potentials and skills. The school also developed a personality in me that is flexible to changes.

Undeniably, my possible enrollment in the University will provide several positive outcomes. Academically, I can perform with the best and continue to improve. I have a strong background in engineering and have participated in events related to the course. My experience as a learner has been observed are my previous stints as captain and member of teams playing in contests. In particular, I have participated in events that search for the best team in creating robots and other related innovations. Basically, my superior scholastic record will catapult me to success. Also, my achievements suggest that I am part of the top echelon of freshmen entering to college.

Because learning is part of my system, I have been encouraged to join clubs that propagate education. Previously, I have been part of volunteering individuals who serve as facilitators of learning. This experience will be vital for the university as I bring a mentality of learning. Most important, I can be a part of clubs in the University that primarily functions learning organizations. The contributions I can partake to the students and the University are crucial as the school aims to build a reputation of superb learning. Indeed, learning is a collaborative process that demands quality institutions and willing individuals.
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I have recognized the need to transfer the success I have experienced the University. Among the accomplishment that I have made, I think that being the President of the Engineering club is one of the most important. Aside from the learning, I have honed my leadership skills guiding the club towards stability and cohesiveness. As the club President, I have represented the organization is competitions and I had my share of victories. Also, I have instilled and learning mentality among my peers and encouraged continuous propagation of teaching programs. I can use this experience to lead an organization in the University that will promote higher causes.

Learning embraces different perspectives and fields. Apart from my academic exploits, I have been involved in sports activities. I have been leading the Poly Solar Boat Team in regional and national competitions. Because of this, I can be part of the University boat team and participate in other sports. Aside from academic contributions, I ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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