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Accommodation and outcomes for the special children - Essay Example

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Designing an activity for preschoolers aged three to four years old is a good way to make use of their motor skills, while at the same time, a means for them to be able to create patterns that they are starting to see in their surroundings, whether observed on their own or intentionally taught by teachers and caregivers…
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Accommodation and outcomes for the special children
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Download file to see previous pages Designing an activity for preschoolers aged three to four years old is a good way to make use of their motor skills, while at the same time, a means for them to be able to create patterns that they are starting to see in their surroundings, whether observed on their own or intentionally taught by teachers and caregivers An activity that combines finger painting and hand sculpting using a variety of materials that will allow them to choose on their own their choice of materials in creating shapes, figures or even imitate letters of the alphabet -- combines play, creativity and learning. Preschoolers as such are more concerned with the novelty of the activity itself, rather than what they produce. For the teachers and caregivers, it will serve as an activity that will allow them to see the individual interests and capabilities of the children.The setting for such an activity where typically developing children and children with special needs both participate in may be in that part of the classroom that serves as an art corner surrounded by illustrated materials and special toys of varied shapes and sizes that lend them to handheld explorations. Since a classroom set-up with children with special needs are present, the size of the classroom participants have to be small enough that will enable the teacher to attend to every child, typically developing and those with special needs alike....
The expected outcome for the above activity for those who are typically developing would be that at the end of the activity they would gain confidence in their ability to recreate the shapes and forms that they see in their environment and those that are taught them. Another outcome would be that they would progress from just drawing with no shapes or patterns to a stage where there can portray discernible patters, even relationships among the things that they see and observe. If the activities preceding this activity allowed for the familiarization of the alphabet and the numbers from one to ten through visualization and phonetics, typically developing children may start to write some letters of the alphabet and a few numbers. Another expected outcome since the activity joins typically developing children and those with special needs is that typically developing children would be more open-minded to the fact that other children who are not like them have their own typical or unique ways of doing things.

Accommodation and outcomes for the special children:
While special children or those with disability have their own pace and their own unique ways of doing things and learning, they could benefit from being with their typically developing peers by making them aware of their own capabilities which are may be different but the similar in terms of aspirations. Accommodations need to be made to enable those who have learning disabilities to be not unduly disadvantaged. At the same time, accommodations are focused to using the IEP whereby each child's individual strength and relative capability are put to use.
Jonathan Carter, 3 years old and with Down's Syndrome may benefit from finger painting and hand sculpting activity by allowing his social skills to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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