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Five court cases and how they have impacted the educational setting - Case Study Example

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Title Name: Course: Professor: Institution: City and State: Date: Introduction Discrimination refers to biased, unfair and unjust treatment of people based on characteristics such as their origin, age, sex, gender, economic background, religion among others…
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Five court cases and how they have impacted the educational setting
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Extract of sample "Five court cases and how they have impacted the educational setting"

Download file to see previous pages It is a clause that calls for equal treatment to individuals by the law, and emphasizes on people being treated fairly, with no biasness based on their race, gender, economic background, wealth status among other characteristics (Stader, 2007). The equal protection and discrimination laws were developed many years ago. They were passed and put in the constitution in 1868, when Earl Warren was the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. This period marked the end of a great Civil War, which meant that many slaves had finally acquired their freedom. These laws were put to cater for the fair treatment of all people, whether whites or blacks. There had been much discrimination against the black Americans and this was part of what necessitated this clause. It also extended to state the importance of the white people being treated by the law equally to the other Americans (Stader, 2007). The main intent of this clause was to promote fairness and equality, be it in employment, education, acquisition of services, and application of the rule of law among others. The education sector has greatly applied the principles of equal protection and non- discrimination. ...
The equal protection and discrimination laws are very important in any school since they ensure that students are not discriminated upon because of their gender, disability race or economic status. It ensures that students can access all programs in the school, whether one is female or male, black or white. They are also important in ensuring that a student can take part in any activity of their choice. However, exemption can be made when one is discriminated upon for their own benefit (Fenner, 1999). For instance, a group of students who do not perform well in class may be placed in a different classroom but in the same school so as to help monitor them closely, and pay more attention to them. Equal protection and discrimination laws protect against discrimination against the disabled people. Any student thus has a right to attend any school of their choice, whether they are black or white. There are many cases where one party has sued another on ground of unequal protection discrimination. For instance, the case of Kansas City versus the US Supreme Court is a good example (Stader, 2007). In this case, Kansas City, which had a population of over 15000 school going population, spent huge amounts to maintain separate schools to accommodate the negroes and the Americans. However, the court ruled that this was a high level of discrimination and it was unconstitutional. This particular case showed the extent to which discrimination and unequal treatment has spread, where the two cultures could not integrate. The ruling in this particular case is important in demonstrating how important the law is in dealing with unequal protection and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Five Court Cases and How They Have Impacted the Educational Setting Case Study.
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