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Profile of a Learner - Essay Example

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After completing my University studies, I began teaching health and Social Care, getting an opportunity to put my knowledge in practice. One of the issues that I have noticed during my teaching period is that different students have different learning abilities…
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Profile of a Learner
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Extract of sample "Profile of a Learner"

Download file to see previous pages As a teacher, I have to make sure each student gains from the course by trying as much as possible to accommodate their needs in my teaching methods. My current class consists of students with a wide range of capabilities, talents and learning abilities. As a teacher, I have had to change my teaching mode in order to enhance learning outcomes of each of the students. In this essay, I will profile one of my students, Emmy. Emmy is an eighteen-year-old female student taking various subjects including as working in partnership, health and safety, and principle of practice, which are the main elements of the Health and social care Course. Each of these course elements equip students with different skills and are all essential to their general understanding of health issues and social care. Therefore, it is essential for the students to perform well in all the course elements, in both theory and practice in order to excel in the course as indicated by Armitage, et al, (2012). Description of Initial Assessment Procedures In order to fully understand Emmy, I endeavored to conduct an assessment on her academic and general behavior in order to know how to help her. This, according to Keeley-Brown, (2007), is the best way to conduct an initial assessment of the student and get a clear picture of the student’s needs....
In order to help her and the other students, I decided to take a keen assessment of Emmy and her behavior in order to help her achieve the best learning outcomes at the end of the course. I therefore went through her academic records, talked to her friends as well as sitting down worth her in order to assess her mental abilities. A look at her academic records revealed that she had one of the lowest average grades with extremely poor results in theoretical subjects. She performed pretty well in practical subjects. After looking at her results and comparing with other students in her company, I concluded that she was somewhat nonchalant in reading a lot of the theory notes given to her by the teachers. She preferred doing practical; assignments on the other hand. Theoretical subjects demand that students use up their time reading in order to grasp the content. Her lack of interest in reading could have contributed to her poor results in theory. Upon keeping a keen eye on her behavior in class, I noticed that she shunned away from students who performed better than her and preferred to hang with average students like herself. She also did not like participating in group assignments. Most of the groups were formed around the idea that the students with different learning abilities would come together to share their skills and learn from one another. The groups therefore consisted of both average and excellent students. I tried to sit down with Emmy and chat with her and I discovered that her mental strength was a little bit lower than the course required in order for one to excel. She had a low self-esteem and feared interacting with students she felt were clever. She also had a negative ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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