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Deaf Again - Assignment Example

Thirdly, I would enlighten the available nurses of her condition so that they can treat her in the most humane way without any form of discrimination against her. Last but not least, I would make it my business to contact her family members and tell them of her whereabouts ( question 1 does not require any citing since it is a personal statement but the insight of the questions is based from p. 1-3) Question 2 The view of Mark’s argument was laid on the foundation that education in the mainstream would enhance a good interaction with both the hearing and deaf community. Mark learnt the critical age for a deaf child development that sign language should be taught as early as possible to enable the child to have a strong foundation of the art of communication. He supports ASL teaching to deaf children because as soon as he learnt this language, he chose to mix with deaf people, and learned to perceive deafness as something special, his horizons expanded. He came to value communication and relationships above the things that seemed so important to many people, such as image, income, status, skills, religious background, or race. His persuasive book sounds a clear warning to all who would circumscribe their lives with prejudicial barriers. Question 3 Mark’s experience with his deaf grandparents was different from his hearing grandparents. His deaf grandparents encouraged the use of sign language for they knew it was vital for him as a means of communication. On the contrary, his hearing grandparents

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His grasp is normal too. Except for his speech and language difficulty, he is normal in other spheres of communication. The strategy could be challenging for the disabled student because it is new to him. This student has problem in organizing sound and language.
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He wants to love “William”, “Konga”, “Maya”, “the hot girl” and all other people he has ever met to create a feeling of sameness and universality. Sexual love makes him to recollect his memories of past and present. He uses the symbol of
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RQ:4Emergent bilinguals is the most recent term being used by linguists to describe foreign- and second- language students. What do you think of Garcia (2009) views Would you use the same term emergent bilinguals with deaf children
In addition, I will also provide other sources and examples that can also be applied in this topic, for example, the analysis that was carried out by Jennifer Herbold on
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The theory explains that the two languages used by a speaker always sound separate but they both function from the same central cognitive system. Such is an important assertion that proceeds to discuss the process of cognitive
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What is social Justice How is social justice related to language rights What do you think about language rights and deaf students
Where social justice prevails, people are neither discriminated against nor prejudiced in regards to their gender, sex, age, religious beliefs, political views, disabilities, social class or other distinctive backgrounds. All
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As such, every society provides special protection to children. The Convention on the Rights of the Child, provides special protection to children against every abuse, including, neglect, exploitation, cruelty, and it entitles them to special protection
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Deaf culture. This paper contains answers for three questions about Deaf Again Book
The first difference between the two was in the method of communication. Mark is more relaxed when communicating with his Deaf grandparents because he
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Deaf Again
Deaf children are considered in a way lucky and privileged within the society. They are treated as people with disabilities, and in a way favored by the community. Every member of the community is concerned with the success of the deaf child. In the case study, Mark was born without this disability but later grew deaf
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Interpersonal Communication
in their work including the verbal communication skills such as talking and listening, and various forms of non-verbal communication such as facial expression eye contact and touch (Dibble and Langford, 1994, 56). A care worker uses both the verbal and nonverbal forms of
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Deaf In Prison
According to two researchers from the Emporia State University, the number of prison inmates in the U.S prison and jail systems who are hard of hearing and deaf is close to a third. The researchers roughly put the figure at around 6 million inmates with a significant
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forced him to live like a hearing child which was traumatizing to him. There were distinct differences portrayed by the text. Firstly, his hearing parents never advocated his signing for they thought it would ruin his speech while his deaf parents were for signing as a member of the deaf culture. Secondly, his deaf grandparents appreciated his efforts in school while his hearing grandparents always nugged that his academic performance was not good enough. Lastly,his deaf grandparents saw potential in the boy and encouraged him to aim at the sky while his hearing grandparents saw him as a loosing boy to the deaf culture instead of acknowledging his disability. Mark’s experience with his deaf grandparents made him feel part of the deaf culture and he felt proud of who he was. (p.38-76) Question 4 Mark made reference to “the dinner table syndrome”. This saying means the act of speaking or communicating before a deaf person who cannot hear or understand the conversation hence ends up lost during a table conversation. He was trying to figure out the importance of a deaf family where every conversation is understood by all the members for instance during dinner around a table. The dinner table syndrome affects the deaf in that they are lost in the conversation and end up feeling out of place. They feel worthless and lose their esteem. The deaf feel affected by the fact that they cannot contribute anything therefore they lack the sense of belonging and view themselves as a black sheep in the vicinity. Since the dinner table syndrome has a negative impact on the deaf, it should be addressed without hesitation. This issue is of concern and measures should be put in place to solve the issue. The hearing members of the family should use the accepted sign language so that they involve the deaf in the conversation. They should also avoid using the form of conversation that the deaf cannot understand. The government ought to implement rules and regulation on how to treat the deaf community and how they should


Deaf Again Name: Institution’s Name: Question 1 If I were in hospital with sherry drolsbaugh while in hospital, I would really treat her with a lot of care like I would treat my own mother without any disability. I would show her a lot of love and respect…
Deaf Again
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