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All Politics is Local - Essay Example

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Name: Title: Unit: Date: All politics is local The use of technology in schools is common nowadays. Technology as in education is collection of tools that are important in improving students’ education and it is measured in how students and individuals use it…
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All Politics is Local
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Download file to see previous pages Moreover, games both online and offline and smart phones are getting attention of learners. (Wagner et al.3) Laptops, videotapes, flash drives, cell phones, cell phones, networks, printers, tablets, computers, scanners, class management software programs, interactive whiteboards, internet technology and gaming consoles have one way or the other affected today’s schools. They have created a division in education system globally. In some way, technology use has serve schools well; modern technology has equalized educational opportunities and is playing an important role in all stakeholders who include parents, students, administrators, teachers, and school communities. For instance, Modern technology has removed geographical and generational barriers from learners; it has also lowered the cost of operational and instructional delivery of modes. This has also facilitated student-center education by allowing student to be more actively involved in technology-driven studying process and improve the quality of education aiming at individuals and it has made easier for remedial classes among individual students. Technology has been revolving in order to make studying process more efficient at a manageable cost. This has made legislators, policymakers, governors to have a tough time each year while trying to make attractive choices when it comes to educational improvement options. They have to know whether to use technology to invest in teacher training, class size reduction, or textbooks and tests. First, let us focus how technology has eliminated geographical and other barriers; internet connection has enabled everyone to get any online programs from any place in the globe it has brought impact in educational system. Any location someone is even it is overseas, one can access online program easily. Actually, the isolation or the geographical distance does not matter as it once did. The unseen web has, made a sense of togetherness possible to the whole world, because the virtual classrooms have taken away geographical and time separation across the world. The classes are now archive, whereby someone can hold more jobs a day and later view or listen to class work later. In addition, modern institutions offer massive open online courses for free in order to reach on students from anywhere free so that they can cut the cost o education. Secondly, modern technology has reduced the cost of instructional operation; the overall operational cost of running a school has reduced by far with the use of modern technology. We know that running a brick and mortar school is costly than running an online school. No money I needed to invest in building infrastructure such as dormitories, library, classrooms, and other needed facilities such as parking lots. We do not need all this facilities in online programs, for instances, we can have ebray or cbrary created from consortium of schools from online school. Cybrary will make students who are registered to get resources of this consolidated library. Modern technology enables students and schools to leave behind a very small copy of carbon footprints as stunts do not go anywhere thus saving gas and making their cars to last because there is no wear and tear. The money saved from gas, for instances, can be used to upgrade the laptops o purchasing a quicker internet service provider. The initial cost of putting an online I very cheap compared to starting a traditional school. There is no need of many material things in starting ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(All Politics Is Local Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words)
All Politics Is Local Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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