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Desertion critic - Essay Example

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Name: School: Topic: DISSERTATION CRITIQUE Lecturer: DISSERTATION CRITIQUE Part 1: Summary The research work titled “what music video teach at-risk adolescent girls: making a case for media literacy curriculum” was conducted with the purpose of knowing the impact that various music video clips viewed by at-risk adolescent girls have on their lives…
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Desertion critic
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Download file to see previous pages The study was conducted with a population that was made up of at-risk adolescent girls in the age group of 11 to 18. The rationale for selecting this group was in the fact that most of these girls do not have what it takes to make decisions for themselves and so what the messages they get from such multimedia platforms such as music video formed the basis of their actions (Morse & Richards, 2002). Through qualitative data collection, insights were drawn on how the population uses music videos as their source of entertainment, education and information. Part 2: Evaluation of Chapter 2 Literature Review Generally, the literature review was precise and skillfully conducted. The extensiveness of the literature review can be guaranteed in the way and manner in which the researcher drew up themes from the specific objectives of the study to cover all aspects of the research problem. This is said because the research objectives were constructed out of the research problem. Performing a literature review that covers all the research objectives therefore guarantees extensive coverage of research (Buckingham & Sefton-Green, 2001). What is more, on the depth and breadth of the topic, it could be said again that using the themes of the research objectives helped in this form of coverage. Indeed, the depth and breadth of the topic were rightly covered without the need to go outside the scope of the study was the research objectives continually served as a guide on areas to cover. This notwithstanding, issues of the authoritativeness of the literature review could be raised. For instance even though the researcher makes use of a good number of literature sources, there were several cases that the review would be noticed as being subjective rather than objective, based on the findings of the literature works being used. Even though the research work was performed in 2005, there were several sources used in the literature review that were way older than the current type of writing the work. In some cases, some of the sources were over a decade old as there were sources quoted from works produced in 1992. This notwithstanding, the researcher was careful with the section of sources and content from the sources such as that highly relevant contents that were related to the study were used. This made the overall literature review very relevant to the research problem that was at hand. Coupled with the relevance of the literature review, the researcher was careful to properly cite every borrowed material that was not part of her own ingenuity or making. This was done using the APA system of citation where the surname or surnames of authors and the date of publication were produced. A search through the reference list also showed that for every source that was cited in the literature review, this was properly reflected in the reference list. Whiles writing the list of references also, the researcher was careful to follow the APA style. Part 3: Evaluation of Chapter 3 Methods The overall idea that one gets about the methods section is that the researcher was on top of the data collection process. Ahead of the research methods, the researcher had given a clear hypothesis or personalized reasoning based on which the data collecti ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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