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Video Review: Crisis, Trauma and Response - Essay Example

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Running head: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Video Review: Trauma, Crisis and Responses Name: College: Course: Date: To help children with PTSD that results from a one-time act of trauma or violence can be unsettling for several counselors, health professionals, caretakers or school personnel.  The information presented by the video is on the PTSD symptoms in children and the various treatment stages for children who experience stress disorder…
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Video Review: Crisis, Trauma and Response
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Download file to see previous pages This video is a teaching tool that is excellent to all persons whose lives are dedicated to the traumatic experience resolution. Particularly, social workers, school personnel, therapists, health professionals, and all community members "critical incident" teams might benefit after viewing this presentation. The video presents the symptoms of PTSD in children particularly those who are so young. It can be seen that the PTSD symptoms can be different as compared to the symptoms in adults. Symptoms in children presented include: Fear to be separated from parent, nightmares and sleep related problems without recognizable content, prone to losing skills that was acquired previously such as toilet training, , compulsive play, Somber in which aspects or themes of the trauma are repeated, anxieties and new phobias that tend to be not associated to the trauma that include a ‘‘fear of monsters,’’ acting out the trauma by drawings, stories or play, pains and aches with no cause that is apparent, then lastly, aggression and irritability In the video, it is typically multimodal in the Intervention with children with PTSD that includes treatment for the child, intervention with caregivers or parents, and support optimization which is provided by the school environment. Before the start of psychotherapeutic work, it is critical that the child physical safety be established, especially if the child is a victim of abuse; this might involve liaison with appropriate agencies such as police, social services or the legal system. It also presents that the practice parameters that are current, recommend that PTSD first-line treatment in children is required to be psychotherapy, and psychopharmacology need to be taken as an adjunctive treatment in those children with prominent comorbid panic or depressive symptoms (Giaconia et al, 1995). Evidence do suggests that some medications might as well be effective in addressing the core PTSD symptoms in children. The systematic empirical efficacy study of PTSD interventions for children has been presented to be still in its infancy, empirical evidence to either demonstrate the psychotherapy superiority over medication, or that the two combinations is more effective as compared to either one alone does not exist. Risk exposure by Children to complex trauma, together with family and child responses to exposure, can be affected as well by where they exist through their ethnocultural, traditions and heritage. For instance, genocide and war are prevalent in certain areas of the world, and inner cities are plagued frequently with high levels of racial tension and violence. Children, teachers, religious leaders, parents and the media from different national, spiritual, linguistic, cultural and ethnic backgrounds define major trauma-associated constructs in several different ways and with different expressions. For instance, hyper arousal might be "un ataque de nervios," flashbacks might be "visions," and dissociation might be "spirit possession." These factors become critical when taking into account how to treat the child. It is depicted in the video that childhood PTSD Pharmacological ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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