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Training across Borders in Mozambique - Research Paper Example

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The paper "Training across Borders in Mozambique" describes that the current education system and culture in Mozambique poses a great challenge especially when it comes to the training program to assist in both rationalization and justification. …
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Training across Borders in Mozambique
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Extract of sample "Training across Borders in Mozambique"

Download file to see previous pages The Erasmus – concentrates on the teaching and learning requirementss of all those in formal higher education including student placements across nations in projects providing and facilitating such education and training; then there is the Leonardo Da Vinci program.
The Leonardo Da Vinci program addresses the teaching and learning needs of all those in vocational educational training; considerably, the program’s core objectives are to support those in training to acquire and implement knowledge, skills and qualifications to facilitate personal growth, employability and participation in the European labor market, improve quality and innovation, and lastly, enhance the attractiveness of vocational education, training and mobility (FMER 2013). The program also pursues operation aims that seek to develop and strengthen; mobility in education and that of a series of training sessions, attention span, innovative practices and their transfer between countries, language learning, innovative ICT based content and cooperation between different factors.
Significantly, the program also supports actions like partnerships focusing on themes of mutual interest and multilateral projects aimed at enhancing the training systems through relocation and development of good practice in order to adapt to national needs (Move on Net 2013). Moreover, the Leonardo Da Vinci is also up to per with thematic networks of experts and organizations working on particular aspects that are in relational to the vocational education and training, and the dissimilar accompanying measures related to the same.
The fourth program of the Lifelong Learning program is the Grundtvig program that is geared to all players in adult education where all its topics are addressed in learning partnerships as the multilateral projects develop innovations for adult education. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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