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Differentiated instructional strategies Name: Institution: Differentiated instructional strategies This paper will try to examine some of the strategies that teachers in schools have put in place in order to meet the diverse needs of their students. It will emphasize the importance of having proper planned and exclusive curriculum that meets the students’ needs…
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Critical Thinking Question
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Differentiated instructional strategies Differentiated instructional strategies This paper will try to examine some of the strategies that teachers in schools have put in place in order to meet the diverse needs of their students. It will emphasize the importance of having proper planned and exclusive curriculum that meets the students’ needs. This phenomenon was developed based on the prior assumptions about the student body as a whole. The diversity and different strengths and weakness needed to be considered to aid in the development of a new successful strategy that would focus on the need to ensure every students success. Gayle in her book explains the big difference among students and vehemently, she is against the traditional ways of teaching that has been there for decades. She explores various aspects of students and encourages formation a framework that will aid students and their teachers to gain understanding of their education. This framework is designed to enable teachers to come to a reasonable comprehensive differentiated instruction and assessment model (Gregory & Chapman, 2013). Some of the benefits that are expected by this kind of model are enormous according to the source. The first entity of the framework entails the establishment of what is expected by the students, what is to be taught, the kinds of questions to be experienced and what are some of the preferences by a respective student. The framework has included the modalities that might be used: the journals, portfolios and rubrics. With this kind of preparation, the student ends up acquiring adequate information about the discipline. The use of questions across the unit of study has been found to beneficial. In the development of the differentiated instruction, various aspects of the framework such as the climate, knowing the learner, instructional strategies and curriculum approaches can be contributory to the various aspects of the differentiated instruction such as the establishment of the targets, acquisition of the information, assessment afterwards and activation of the whole process which entails analysis of the knowledge back ground of students. A leader with this kind of understanding becomes proactive as the needs and the requirements to affect change will be sorted out with ease. This kind of differentiated instruction gives a focus view of the essentials of quality leadership. Being a leader requires analysis of situation and making of decision that affect people’s lives thus proper assessment is needed (Critical thinking[interactive chart], 2007) The concept format step that was provided indicated various requirements. Step one entails the establishment of what concept needs to be examined by the students. This step focuses on the various understanding and the students preferences. The second step evaluated the background information about the concept which majorly analyzed the facts and some of the skills needed. Activation step involves the analyzing the students knowledge about the concept and this gives provides a form of pre-assessment for the overall concept. Acquisition step entails the analysis of what the students evaluating a given concept need to gain from the concept and what kind of setting the acquisition is going to be effective. Application is a fundamental entity and the students will need to be assigned task and complete the process by using the concept learned. The final step is the assessment of the whole concept and it is the responsibility of the instructor to determine how the concept is to be demonstrated. This assessment will eventually grant the teacher an evaluation of how the concept was understood and thus a baseline data for future improvements is provided for (Gregory & Chapman, 2013) Some of the factors considered in a classroom environment include the nurturing and safety of the place influences how the students will learn. The complexity depicted by a class has its own effects to the mind of a leaner. The classroom setting should embrace the traditional teamwork spirit to aid in the collective and in-depth understanding of a given subject. Having groups in a classroom setting enhances collaboration in achievement of tasks and together the risk taking capability is boosted. Teachers in the development of the differentiated instruction could analyze this classroom factors and eventually understand the kind of audience that needs to be taught. This will help in the exploration of various skills as it brings about the essence of risk taking with enhancement of understanding. With the baseline data that is acquired after assessment of the students, the classroom in question and the concept, the teachers gain a platform which they will seek to improve in their delivery skills (Gregory, 2008). References Critical thinking[interactive chart]. (2007). Retrieved from Foundation for Critical Thinking: 1.htm Gregory, G. H. (2008). Differentiated instructional strategies in Practise: Training, implementation and supervision (2nd ed.). Corwin Press. Gregory, G., & Chapman, C. (2013). Differentiated instructional strategies: One doesn't fit all. CA: Corwin Press. Read More
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Critical Thinking Question Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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