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Quantitative Research - Article Example

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Critique of the research, “Experiential training: connecting school counselors-in-training, English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers, and ESL students.” Name: Course: Institution: Critique of the research, “Experiential training: connecting school counselors-in-training, English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers, and ESL students.” The research takes a deep look into the ways of bridging the gap between school counselors, ESL teachers and ESL students…
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Quantitative Research Article
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Download file to see previous pages In essence, while the research could have reported the challenges facing existing structures, gaps, and failures as basis for the training program produced, it simply dwells on the aspects it considered important. This in essence results in some form of biased study with a predetermined direction. From the onset, it is evident that the study is limited to what the researchers prefer as important rather than on previous research support or any gaps previously identified. The literature review tries to address a number of issues in relation how counselors, ESL teachers and ESL learners interact amongst themselves. The literature reviewed in the paper puts emphasis in three distinct areas. “These are the significance of and need for multicultural competency in school counseling; the significance of serving ESL students in school counseling; and the significance of and need for collaboration in school counseling.” (p. 3) As much as these are an important part of literature review and also highlight the importance of bridging the gap between the three groups, it falls short of identifying the areas of the existing structures and hence justifies need for the proposed experiential system. However, this gap is bridged by the section which addresses the rationale for the experiential training project. This however still fails to emphasize the selection of the research questions. As matter of fact, there is a visible detachment between the research questions and the literature. The study by Burnham, Mantero, & Hooper (2009) lists six variables which efforts to answer the research questions are directed towards. These include the following: 1. Pre-training education and assignment to an ESL class; 2. collaboration, coordination, consultation, and teaming with ESL teachers, which involved guidance curriculum planning, development, and implementation based on ESL student needs in the classroom; 3. Teaching classroom guidance lessons; 4. critiquing guidance lessons (i.e., self and peer critiques); 5. ongoing synthesis during class discussions; and 6. Post-training education (Burnham, Mantero, & Hooper, 2009). Nonetheless, it is important to mention that the variables are simply mentioned with no clear definitions. The authors also fail to create a clear illustration of what each of the variables constitute in the article. For as much as the variables are closely obvious, it would have been much more appropriate if the scope of each variable was well defined for the reader. Further, the variables enlarge the overall scope of the research making it almost impossible to cover each area of the research within a single paper. Focusing on a single area would have resulted into a more comprehensive research. The results section is perhaps the most useful and comprehensive part of the research. Using the pre-defined set of questions, the research offers a comprehensive analysis of the areas deemed as completely important in the study. The research adopted group interviews as the prime research methodology. The interview approach opens the study to a wide range of data. Issues not previously covered in the research questions also emerged as questionnaire sought to collect as much information as possible from the respondents. Additionally, as the researchers’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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