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Analysing research literature - Essay Example

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Analysing Research Literature Table of Contents Introduction 3 Critical Analysis 4 Conclusion and Discussion 9 References 11 Introduction The journal ‘Exploring opportunities available and perceived barriers to physical activity engagement in children and young people with Down syndrome’ by Downs, S…
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Analysing research literature
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Download file to see previous pages It is also identified to be associated with different issues which include health problems, obesity and hearing problems among others. In this regard, the research study conducted in this journal is conducted with the objective of ascertaining the importance of physical activity (PA) for the children along with young people having DS. The journal implies that PA is an essential element for the management and for the prevention of chronic diseases in children. Moreover, PA aids in reviving health conditions of individuals so that children and young people have better physical fitness and body mass. Consequently, the children and young people will be facilitated with the opportunity of having an independent life. In this respect, the study in the journal article has provided adequate knowledge to different researchers about the importance of PA in children and young people about the influence of DS. Respectively, the study in the journal has provided important information in relation to research methodologies along with intervention design that are appropriate for the people suffering from DS. Thus, the study has been effective in briefing the importance of PA in the early life of children and young people affected with DS for its better intervention along with assisting them to develop with a better health and body growth (Downs & et. al., 2013). There is a procedure on the basis of which journals are to be critically reviewed which includes introduction, literature review, discussion and conclusion (Shon, 2012). Consequently, a mixed response can be depicted for the article. Critical Analysis PA is an important element assisting children and young people to grow and develop with greater independence as it can be recognised from the study of various researchers. Additionally, it is critically argued that children and young people with DS should be provided with adequate knowledge in relation to PA so that they are able to develop physically along with in terms of body mass (Kasser, 2005). PA which includes swimming, walking along with other exercises have assisted people with DS by a significant extent to retain healthy body and to prevent illness. PA has been an efficient measure for minimising health issues associated with DS which include obesity and cardiorespiratory problems. In this regard, it has been identified that deficiency of PA is one the major causes of DS. Additionally, a lack of PA amid individuals with DS tends to enhance the risks in relation to health problems (Urbano, 2010). The study has also been effective in ascertaining the facilitators and the barriers in relation to PA. Contextually, the article has provided adequate information about the various aspects of DS and the importance of PA in minimising risks associated with DS. In a similar context, Stanish & Frey (2007) have stated that there are several facilitators and barriers to PA. In this context, the most important facilitator is the parents and on the other hand, the barriers comprise transportation cost and social interaction among others (Stanish & Frey, 2007). These are the several strengths that can be derived from the research study in this journal (Downs & et. al., 2013). According to Jobling (1994), PA plays an effective role in the life of people having DS. PA assists them to grow and develop independent skills so that they are able to retain a healthy life in future (Shields & et. al., 2009; Jobling, 1994). Similarly, Buckley (2007) has stated that PA ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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