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Why girls education is the most important investment Pakistan and the world can make - Essay Example

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Pakistan is one of the countries with alarming rates of illiteracy after its recent ranking as the 113th country among 120 that have the lowest education levels. The political scenario has served to disrupt the stability of education in the country…
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Why girls education is the most important investment Pakistan and the world can make
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Extract of sample "Why girls education is the most important investment Pakistan and the world can make"

Download file to see previous pages Currently, the education system has registered minimal progress, but there are concerted efforts from different organizations and the government that seek to make a difference in Pakistan. The value of education in improving the welfare of any society cannot be underestimated, explaining why Pakistan should strive to improve its education system. Mostimportantly, educating girls presets more impact on any society, the ore reason why Pakistan should work towards on tackling the gender disparity evident in the education system. This paper will describe the challenges faced by Pakistan, statistics of education and outline strategies that Pakistan can use in its efforts to improve education in the country. Pakistan has received ranking as one of the countries with the lowest levels of education, and with a high gender disparity level in both school enrolment and retention of girls. The country has an overwhelming 27 million school-age children who have no access to education. The country has an unacceptably low investment in the education sector. ...
The specific target defined that by 2015, both boys and girls from every region would have opportunity to enroll and complete primary schooling. Although there is some progress registered in other countries, Pakistan has lagged behind with about 27 million school age children out of school. Worse still, 7 million of these children have never been to a classroom (Mohiuddin, 2007). The situation in Pakistan is worrying because there are only two years before 2015, and a great number of children lack access to education. This emphasizes on the need for the development of new strategies that can improve the education sector in Pakistan. Education of Girls is Important Research on the need to empower girls has indicated that educating girls transforms the entire society. Educated girls often make decision that can affect the society. After education, girls can access employment, a factor that serves to reduce poverty. Moreover, educated women realize the need to plan their families wisely, reducing the explosion of population that is evident in societies where girls lack education (Siddiqui,2013). Education of girls contributes positively in improving the health of the society. This is because education empowers girls and women to promote health within the family by adoptive preventive measures, seek to access maternal health and nutrition recommendations. Educating girls in a society also reduces child mortality rate immensely. Lack of education compels girls to venture into early marriages, but research has indicated that each additional year of retaining girls in school reduces chances of early marriages. Evidently, educated girls realize that they have a duty to participate in political, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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