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And Journal - Assignment Example

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PART 2: Peer-coaching, training, supervision, and implementation Date Part I. Transforming a School into a Professional Learning Community Professionals and specialists today encourage educators to make schools professional learning communities (PLC)…
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Assignment and Journal
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Extract of sample "And Journal"

Download file to see previous pages Leadership is a critical element of change that requires consideration in achieving this goal. For this reason, the role of school authorities is essential in transforming schools into professional learning communities. Specialists relate various activities to the process of attaining PLC’s, they include; an assurance that students learn, existence of a culture of collaboration, focusing on results and hard work and commitment. All these are necessary in achieving this goal, and they go hand in hand. This paper analyzes implementation of these activities in an organization setting, the outcomes of this collaboration and its benefit on the organization. The discussion to the above issues appears below. To begin with, implementation of these activities is significant in getting a PLC. For instance, the process of ensuring that students learn is attainable in many ways. Teachers in a school should give required attention to every student depending on their abilities. There are remarkable differences between an educated student and a learned student (Graham & Ferriter, 2009).Education concerns going through the curriculum while learning is the process, which result to full capacity to employ an idea in solving real life issues. Learning, therefore, results into a professional learning community. ...
The organization also needs to focus on the results. This is achievable by ensuring all workers understand overall requirements and direct their efforts towards their attainment. The benefits, which accrue to, an organization by implementing such activities, are tremendous. Having a professional learning community ensures an all rounded product. Such institutions equip students enabling their survival in the outside world once through with the curriculum. Learning, for instance, is necessary for societal development. The school or organization should not only focus their attention on completing curriculum, but also on the product in the making. The benefit this has on a student is the ability it instills on them enabling them to tackle various life challenges with ease (Graham & Ferriter, 2009).Learning comes with experience, and is a slow event which requires time to accomplish. Collaboration, on the other hand, benefits the organization in that it allows corporation and acceptance of responsibilities. In this way, people own problems and no one appears burdened. In addition, results also benefit the organization. The primary motivator of behavior is an achievement of results. For this reason, it is imperative to consider concentrating everyone’s efforts to attaining such results. This collaboration has several outcomes, mostly positives. Individuals in an organization corporate, and concentrate their efforts towards achieving set objectives. Moreover, it ensures people shoulder each other’s burdens, which is also, essential in developing a professional learning community. In conclusion, the process of developing a professional learning community is essential in societal development. Not only does it ensure that students learn and gain ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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